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China held the first World Congress of art history   north central United States jointly hosted by – Painting — thirty-fourth world art history conference press conference in Beijing on 31 August,   (reporter Lu Jing) World Congress of art history is an important meeting of the international cultural and art circles, held every four years, since 1873 held 33 sessions. The day before the thirty-fourth session of the World Congress of art history China flowers, Chinese Institute of Art History Committee after many years of efforts, approved by the competent government departments, by the International Association for the history of Art (CIHA), China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Peking University hosted the thirty-fourth session of the conference of world art history (2016) scheduled for September 16th to 20 held in Beijing. The conference by the UNESCO liaison International Art History Association (CIHA) jointly organized and held the host country every session of the general assembly, known as the international culture and art history of the "Olympic Games", so each session are supported by the government of the host country. The conference was hosted by China, held in Beijing, has epoch-making significance. Recalling the course of 143 years of World Congress of art history, it is not only Chinese, also pull areas in Asia and Africa, and Europe and the United States outside of the non Western world for the first time! The theme of the world art history conference is "Terms" (concept: Art and art history in different histories and cultures). The theme of the design, Chinese art development characteristics highlighted the growing up Chinese ancient civilization in its position in the world cultural patterns, which in the historical perspective of Chinese and Western civilization as the importance of backtracking, and extended re cognition differences on world culture and art and the characteristics of the formation of a new understanding and interpretation human civilization and cultural heritage. The General Assembly established 21 branch field expansion presentations and discussions, the latest achievements in the history of art exchange period, inspire people to rethink the world culture and art domain in the context of global culture, re evaluate and examine the value and contribution of the western culture, especially the development of art and culture in Asia, Africa and Latin America the outline of new face and reshape the world art history. The conference received a total of 1012 manuscripts from around the world, from which to select and confirm the participants of more than 290 speakers, respectively, from around the world, 43 countries and regions. It is reported that the conference will be held at the Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing on the morning of September 16th opening ceremony, from September 16th onwards, the General Assembly will be held in the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Peking University special meeting for 21 venue, until September 20th closing. During the meeting, delegates will be invited to visit the Museum of the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Palace painting and calligraphy exhibition, as a special project of the general assembly, "Qingzhou Longxing Temple of ancient Buddhist statues" will be exhibited at the Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Dean of China Central Academy of Fine Arts Dean fan when it comes to the world art history conference pointed out the meaning, to convene a meeting of the world art history in China, is conducive to the promotion of international art history knowledge and understanding of the profound China art history, art and highlight the achievements of cultural development of contemporary Chinese. He said that the theme of the conference "concept: different history and not"相关的主题文章: