Chen Guangbiao I’ve never had a stomach to lose money from a bank or a friend gigolos

Chen Guangbiao: you never cut the stomach is owed to the bank and a penny friend recommended reading: Chen Guangbiao opened the conference to respond to cut the stomach to lose weight: the body without any scars Chen Guangbiao refused to answer any questions from the press conference Xinhua News Agency reporters siege cover news screenshot (reporter Diao Mingkang) in September 23rd 10, Chen Guangbiao at the press conference, the recent by two media reports entitled "Chen Guangbiao:" the top philanthropist "or" first "," cheat "cut the stomach to lose weight behind Chen Guangbiao:" such as paralysis of business debt news rebuttal. He said he had never cut the stomach, the company is not debt ridden, do not owe any money to banks and friends". "I’ve never cut my stomach, and my weight loss success depends on expert advice and diet, diet control and exercise." Chen Guangbiao said that the cut stomach reported losses and impact on him, he will be held accountable. The press conference, Chen Guangbiao also to the media show in Nanjing Gulou Hospital medical report "no scar, body of stomach cut marks", and said that after the conference, the examination will provide the media copy of the report. For their reported business paralysis debt ridden, Chen Guangbiao said that his company does not owe any bank and a friend a money, and now you (the media) can go to investigate." For he has a lot of donations are not in place, he explained, "99% in place, how is it going to be the case of the 1%? For example, Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, I promised to donate two times, the first year to donate a year, second years to donate once (there will be a lapse of time)". "And, I was in a place of operation not to donate, donate the place does not operate on the principle of donation. I donated places are basically in minority areas and the old revolutionary base areas." Chen Guangbiao said. Before the end of the conference, the media reporters have questions to ask Chen Guangbiao, but Chen Guangbiao said he can answer questions have been answered at the press conference. At the urging of the media, Chen Guangbiao leave, did not answer. The company said the staff, there are problems through formal channels, to the relevant departments of the company to ask. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: