Changsha 44 year old uncle received a letter of admission to the University

Changsha 44 year old uncle received a letter of admission to the University – Changsha evening news reporter Zhu Yanhuang correspondent Luo Zhan dream still have to, in case it achieved?" Changsha County power supply company two class squad leader when the army is very good interpretation of the network buzzwords. This year, 44 years old, he went into the college entrance examination, Changsha County has become the oldest college entrance examination students. Recently, when the army received a letter of acceptance of Hunan water conservancy and Hydropower Career Technical College, he said." For his family, he was 19 years old to work when the army was born in a common family. 1987, junior high school when the army to listen to the recommendations of their parents, the choice of popular secondary school. "When school assignment, good grades can free tuition, my family conditions in general, university dream can only put first." When the army said, considering the home situation, he had to give up the dream of college, 19 years old will enter the workplace. 20 years later, the idea of attending college entrance examination has been lingering in the minds of the army. 2001, the Ministry of education abolished the age limit of college entrance examination, wake up his dream of college entrance examination. However, when the army didn’t go to high school, subjects must start from zero. To this end, he took advantage of leisure, entertainment time hard self-study. The daily work of the army needs to deal with the major enterprises in Changsha. In recent years, more and more advanced equipment, more and more professional management to make him feel the urgency of learning. "Yuandaxuemeng is just one of the many reasons, mainly want to go to university charge, enhance the level of business, broaden their horizons and thinking, better customer service." The annual college entrance examination, we are going to check the various sites of power equipment, to ensure a stable supply of electricity." When the army said, every year the last exam, candidates went out with their parents as cheerful as a lark to embrace his unforgettable scene. Inspirational father to ask his son when the army’s two sons are in Changsha foreign language school reading high school, although there is a year before entering the college entrance examination, but the atmosphere in his college entrance examination has been very strong. I decided to apply for the early this year, when the family did not know. After the announcement of the news, the children were surprised, then have expressed their support." When the army said, this is he to the children as a "pioneer", establish a positive, hard work, and peace of mind of students for college entrance examination model. English and mathematics is in a weak, self encountered uncertain problems, ask him to the children and their teachers. Every weekend, back home in a boarding school children, he and they together learning, discussion, homework, enjoyable. I hope both learning and work in June 7th this year, to the youth in the examination room with a group of 44 years old nine years old eighteen. Soon, the college entrance examination results came out, when the army took 247 points, he smiled and said." The morning of August 22nd, when the army received the Hunan water conservancy and Hydropower Career Technical College admission notice before September 17th to the school report, he will be in the Department of Electrical Engineering College of power technology and professional learning for three years. When the army took a big red admission notice but hesitated -)相关的主题文章: