Changde 7 ten days old woman looking for the whole city, police eager to help find Mid Autumn

Changde 7 year old woman eager to help the police throughout the city to find the sun for Mid Autumn Festival original title: Changde 7 year old woman eager to help the police throughout the city to find the sun seeking help is a mid autumn festival from September 15th coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival, morning 9 am, Changde City, Wuling Public Security Bureau police brigade received two prevention and control of an old man called the police, his grandson out of two days has not returned, please help the police to find. The police through the investigation and search for more than an hour, in the city on foot at an Internet cafe in the city to find success, let the old man in the Mid Autumn Festival and grandson reunion. At 9:30 in the morning, police and two brigade police after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene and found that the alarm is a 70 year old grandma tang. After understanding, grandma Tang is the thunder temple, looking for a couple of days with the family contact grandson. Tang grandmother told police, grandson like to play online games, and friends living near the city of walking. The police on the one responsible for the management of warning conversation. Is a network correspondent Guo Shuang photo police understand the situation, immediately walk near the city of Internet search, hard work pays off, after more than an hour, the police in an Internet cafe in the city walk successfully Tang grandmother grandson found, because of continuous Internet, grandma Tang grandson red eyes, looking haggard. Subsequently, the police were criticized for its education and management of Internet cafes, the person in charge of the warning conversation, one requires strict management, prohibit minors online and Internet impersonation identity. Tang grandmother also happy to take grandchildren home reunion, and expressed gratitude to the police. Police communicate with the elderly to understand the relevant situation. Guo Shuang, one of the correspondents of the first network, was informed that the police often received help from teenagers who ran away from home because of various reasons, and also found many rebellious teenagers. In this regard, the police reminded: for rebellious young people, parents and children should be timely communication, give children a love and patience to teach, to avoid similar situations happen again. (trainee reporter Zhu Jiasi, reporter Wang Lang)

常德7旬老妇全城寻孙 民警热心帮寻助中秋团圆原标题:常德7旬老妇全城寻孙 民警热心帮寻助中秋团圆尚一网讯 9月15日适逢中秋佳节,上午9时许,常德市武陵公安分局处警防控二大队接到一位老人报警称,自己的孙子外出两天至今未归,请民警帮忙寻找。民警通过一个多小时的排查搜寻,在市城区步行城一家网咖内成功将其找到,让老人在中秋节与孙子团圆。上午9时30分,处警防控二大队民警接到报警后,立即赶往现场后发现,报警人是70岁的唐奶奶。经了解,唐奶奶是雷公庙人,寻找已有两天未与家里人联系的孙子。唐奶奶告诉民警,孙子喜欢玩网络游戏,且有朋友住在步行城附近。民警对网咖管理负责人进行警示性谈话。尚一网通讯员 郭爽 摄民警了解情况后,立即在步行城附近的网吧展开搜寻,功夫不负有心人,一个多小时后,民警在步行城一家网咖内成功将唐奶奶的孙子找到,因连续上网,唐奶奶的孙子两眼通红,面色憔悴。随后,民警对其进行了批评教育,并对网咖管理负责人进行了警示性谈话,要求网咖严格管理,禁止未成年人上网以及冒用他人身份证上网。唐奶奶也开心的带着孙子回家团圆,并对民警表示感激。民警向老人沟通了解相关情况。尚一网通讯员 郭爽 摄据悉,警方常接到青少年因为种种原因而离家出走的求助,也找回过不少叛逆青少年。对此,民警提醒:对于叛逆期的青少年,家长和孩子要及时做好沟通,多给孩子一份关爱和耐心教导,避免类似的情况再发生。(见习记者 祝嘉锶 记者 王浪)相关的主题文章: