C9 HUNI returned to the world stage artist sadly missed the S6 defeat tonya mitchell

C9 Huni returned to the world stage artist sadly missed the S6 defeat in September 6th at the North American LCS regional qualifying final round, all game player who are looking forward to the birth of the last 2016 world finals ended, the final team C9 3-1 defeated the IMT team, with TSM, CLG and other teams against the top teams in division. C9 team in yesterday’s event showed a high degree of execution, in the previous two games, they got a total of 31 people, IMT team only 7. They also got 14 defensive towers and 6 dragons, the IMT clan is only the tower of the 1 Dragons of the 4. In the third game when the IMT team pulled one back, the red side of the C9 ban team dropped its single player at Impact and IMT when the Corps also took out the big arthorn single. The IMT team will focus on the game battle group and push on in the pre steady pattern slowly snowballed, jaszo Tuirang Impact Huni points cannot cope with caution. C9 team, although the head did not lag behind too much, but it can not push any defensive tower, the game ended in 33 minutes. Before the state recovery C9 team in the fourth match, they chose Ai Kelai against Huni jaszo, completely suppressed across early development, single player Jensen and player Sneaky ADC also took out Cassio Per A and Lu Qing line strong Zion this hero. C9 team on the counter of the downturn, the use of the advantages of the online game quickly pushed the tower and won the dragons, this is the turn of the 0 towers IMT Clan Dragon 0. At the end of a battle group, Jensen / Cassiopeia controlled the IMT team ADC Wildturtle’s team in the game to help out. Since the single player Impact in the playoffs. With the C9 team performance getting better, almost every game can be seen in the new C9 lineup where Impact is courage, proved that he is the first single, 11726 KDA plus single kill Huni is demonstrated in the former world champion level. In the summer the playoff semifinals, team C9 and team IMT has confrontation, and ultimately to C9 team win, but then in the finals C9 team lost 1-3 to the TSM team, but they are in the qualifiers 3-0 defeated the NV team. This will be the C9 team third battle world finals, for many game player, C9 team has been unbelievable BP and tactics by fans dubbed the art team, especially the decline in the last state, Hai returned to the team in the qualifiers finished 1 in 3 feat, led the team to the S5 global total the final. In the first week of group phase is more straight for the 3-0, many analysts and fans optimistic, however later C9 team failed to get a win, and ultimately unable to qualify group phase. (article saralolita)相关的主题文章: