Boys fall wells 72 hours rescue official notification of signs of life did not stop face gossip

The boy fall well: 72 hours non-stop rescue did not inform the official signs of life in November 9th 12, the Hebei Baoding Lixian County Bangladesh Changcun fall well 6 years old (nominal) boy Zhao Zicong (Cong Cong) the rescue operation lasted 72 hours, unfortunately, as of press time, the rescue team has yet to find his sight. The morning of November 6th 11, Cong and his father, sister into the Chinese cabbage accidentally fall into the home near a depth of nearly 40 meters of abandoned well. After seeing his son fell into the well, extremely anxious Zhao Xiangyang wrote a message for help in the circle of friends, after being forwarded to a network of friends heat transfer. Since the fall into the dry Cong shortly after the local official and folk began to take rescue mode, in the past 72 hours of uninterrupted rescue. Volunteers rushed to participate in the rescue of the master told reporters surging news (), they continue to work, just want to save the child as soon as possible". Rescue scene. Oriental IC the morning of November 9th, involved in the rescue of the blue rescue team captain Pang Hao told reporters at the scene, they use the underground detection equipment is black and white, although to the bottom, but still can not see the specific things, only mud, so now need to confirm whether the child in the mud. Surging news noted that over the past 72 hours, Lixian County officials have never been informed of the existence of signs of life underground. Fire rescue personnel in November 8th to accept the surging news interview that the first day they use the life detector, but refused to disclose the detection results. Keywords: November 6th 11 falling on November 6th at 11 in the morning in Lixian County, Meng Changcun villager Zhao Xiangyang with his son and daughter to collect brainy cabbage, but he did not expect an accident in the flat land occurred. Brainy aunt Zhao Juan told the surging news, brother Zhao Xiangyang was born in 1987, usually by the acquisition of local yam sold to the field for the students, do not often at home. On the morning of 6, in the process of brother drove back end to Chinese cabbage, children playing on one side no one care fall into the well. According to Zhao Xiangyang after the argument, and dry ground, covered with a thin, thin cover about 15 cm of soil, not to mention the child is an adult can not see that here are well. Cong and sister shouted to dad playing toys in the process: "there is a pit, did not wait for the reply came off well. My sister tried to hold on to her, but she didn’t catch it. Zhao Juan said that the well founded in 1997, has been abandoned for a long time. Zhao Xiangyang was so young that he didn’t even know there was a well. Cong Grandpa Lee said that the dry well depth of about 40 meters, the wellhead diameter of about 30 cm. "After this, wells dry without backfill, no cover, no set up warning signs in the well near the wellhead has been exposed. The village has all the wells (covers and labels)." Cong great aunt Zhao Ru also said the surging news, the dry well no manhole cover has been exposed in the outside. Meng Changcun villagers Zhang Feng (a pseudonym) told the surging news, the village wells are more, but the exact number is unknown. "After the well is dry, we will generally backfill, I once participated (dry backfill). But he did not know (drop dry boy) that fall into the dry well, whether backfill.相关的主题文章: