Big dog rush into the light rail to follow the staff into the police room remonstrate

The big dog rush into the light to follow the staff into the police office – Chongqing Beijing Evening News yesterday around 5 pm, a time when rush hour, the light rail line 3 Jiazhou Road Station crowded, in addition to the passengers did not expect to follow the stream of a one meter long and dog. Come on, here’s a big dog!" Light rail workers on duty, Mr. Du heard the light rail station in the toilet where someone shouted, in the past, it turned out to be a gray and white Alaska (Figure). "Very clean, one meter long, should not stray dogs." Said Mr. Du, who was supposed to be brought in, the results did not see the owner came in a while. For the safety of passengers, Mr. Du and his colleagues want to put the dog out of the light rail station, how do not go, but also follow us." Because the dog’s body is quite large, Mr. Du and his colleagues did not dare to close, can only be taken to the station police station. Did not expect the police came to the casual visitor was lying on the ground, like at home, without moving or call. Because of the peak, Mr. Du then returned to work. When the rush hour after the staff of the light rail station and bought three ham sausage to send a big dog, thrown on the ground, the dog was ravenously. About 8:20 in the evening, the two young people to the station hurriedly, ask if there isn’t a dog here." Mr. Du quickly took the man to the police station. The two men went in, the dog jumped up and licked and hugged. They let the dog shake hands, and the dog was very obedient." Mr. Du said, "the dog owner said they were looking for a few laps outside to find the station." Thanked the staff of the light rail station, the two will lead the Alaska. Chongqing evening news reporter Liu Qing light rail station for map相关的主题文章: