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Beijing 110 thousand primary school list: including stationery and extracurricular training fees according to the China voice of "peak Evening News" reported that recently, a netizen in Beijing drying out a list of school pupils, the list from the bag, stationery and other brand-name supplies to the new uniforms, shoes and other major brands of daily necessities finally, the Mathematical Olympiad classes, piano classes, specialty training and a series of expensive extracurricular training costs, the total cost of more than 110 thousand, which is called "opening price list". Immediately sparked a hot debate. Some netizens said that no parents want their children to lose in the starting line, there are economic conditions, in order to give the child a good life and education. Rich rich, the poor are poor life, good life and education can give children a broader perspective and can afford it is not a problem! Some netizens said, high school list will not only encourage students to compare the wind, but also increase the burden on children. Our primary school at that time, had not been so much training, also did not buy these brand-name products, each semester only tuition and school fees and school fees, so read from primary school to high school, from undergraduate to graduate school. Why do you compare? This raises the child how much vanity ah! Have to say this "super school list" reflects the parents Wang feng-f mood, but a taste for young children to buy brand-name products, all kinds of training classes, can really help their children? We all know that lack of the given substance can compensate the precept. School, so that parents and more concerned about the child to become the most powerful equipment bar! The survey shows that 1 Chinese students can afford to feed up to 1 American families相关的主题文章: