Be pregnant 3 months, have a fever for three days, the highest is 39 degrees, fetal meeting deformit masa-c

Be pregnant 3 months, have a fever for three days, the highest is 39 degrees, fetal meeting deformity? Sohu mother just past the National Day holiday, the weather in Beijing is uncertain, and the temperature that many pregnant women body appear discomfort, some pregnant women have a fever cold, worried about the baby. Xiao Qi is one of the first day of national day, only 2 months pregnant Xiao Qi and Zhang to play outside, did not think second days the weather changed, the rain, the same day, Xiao Qi, cold, have a fever a thermometer, 39 degrees, hurried back home, because pregnancy could not take medicine, the 2 day, the temperature is not down, it panicked, hurry to the hospital, ask a cure. Pregnant women, during pregnancy can be a variety of infectious diseases. There will be signs of elevated body temperature. Is the most common disease in addition to cold, tonsillitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, cholecystitis, acute pyelonephritis, acute appendicitis, chorioamnionitis. These inflammation can cause fever. Xiao Qi came to the hospital, the most worried about is his fever will have an impact on the fetus in the stomach? For this problem, experts have done a study, if women during pregnancy had a high fever or hot bath, sauna, fetal spina bifida risk of fetal neural tube defects should be much higher than ordinary women. In particular, a long period of high fever, more dangerous to the fetus. We need to know that the early embryonic development, very sensitive to temperature. The most important thing in embryonic development is to produce the right protein at the right time. If the mother’s body temperature from 37 degrees to the temperature of 39.4 degrees, then the temperature sensitive protein can not be normal operation, easy to cause abortion. Therefore, in the early pregnancy, that is, in the first three months of pregnancy, during this period of pregnancy, the mother is best not to have a fever, not exposed to high temperature. In the second trimester of pregnancy or late pregnancy fever, the possibility of a fetus affected by the stomach will be reduced a lot. "What should I do?" Xiao Qi nervously asked. Of course, the mother like Xiao Qi is not particularly worried, if fever, can use acetaminophen (paracetamol) treatment, each taking a dose of acetaminophen (500 mg to 1 grams), could last for 6 hours, so one day take 4 times as long as there is enough. At the same time, drink plenty of water, lower body temperature, pregnant women have a fever do not cover thick quilt to cover sweat fever. If the conditions permit, pregnant mother can not use acetaminophen acetaminophen, even if it is necessary to use less. Especially in the later stages of pregnancy, the current study has confirmed that almost every day to take acetaminophen quasi mother, the baby after birth is very likely to have asthma. If you still do not fever, should go to the hospital, in order to identify the cause, symptomatic treatment in a timely manner. Abroad, for pregnant women are prepared to be vaccinated against influenza, especially in the autumn and winter seasons, flu prone, this can help pregnant mothers to prevent influenza caused by fever. There is one thing to note is that if the husband within 3 months had a fever, fever temperature at 38 degrees above 5, the best.相关的主题文章: