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Associate with the benefits of going to the delivery room – Sohu maternal care for ten months, and finally came to the children at the moment, prenatal mother’s mood will inevitably be anxious and nervous. In order to meet the arrival of a small life, the family came to the operation room waiting anxiously outside, in addition to quasi father, that is to say, the prospective father to accompany her mother into the delivery room to accompany the production Oh, with the benefits of production is also a lot of it. 1 fathers entered the delivery room note major hospitals have now allowed the father into the delivery room, is a stable mood contribute to maternal, maternal arrangements to assist doctors with production; the two is to witness the birth of new life joy and gratitude. Quasi dad into the delivery room to pay attention to is to cooperate with the doctor’s request to do, do not walk in the delivery room, do not make a big voice, do not take the camera to shoot, but regardless of the situation of his wife. The father will probably be gossipy and meddlesome doctors out of the delivery room. 2 fathers Peifang can relieve maternal emotional fear of female production, most cases from the fear of heart, not physical fear, that is to say their mental pressure greater than the physical pressure, it is precisely because of this, the more the more fear of women feel pain, and more relax, cooperate with the doctor in the female students more easily, and have more pain. Quasi father with the mother can be able to alleviate the anxiety of the mother, her husband in the side with them, they will feel that the heart is not so worried and scared, very helpful for the stability of the mood. In addition, the couple go through such a big thing, help increase near the feelings of husband and wife, let love each other more, is good for the day after the happiness of family life. 3 fathers accompany can increase parent-child feelings because witnessed the whole process of the birth of life, know the birth of life is so hard, how dangerous, how holy father, the feelings will be more, after the education of the children will be more careful, caring for children is also more. Help to improve the parent-child relationship and intimacy. A lot of men are fathers, who have experienced the birth of new life to know how difficult their mothers are, and thus become more filial to their parents. 4 quasi father to accompany the production may also have different symptoms, although the father said that the benefits of a lot of paternity, but it may bring some sequelae. Some fathers kind-hearted, they witnessed his wife because after the painful process of giving birth to a child and bear, very guilty, even dads with excitement to give children the arrhythmia are. They live in the days after the sexual life of husband and wife, think of terrible images of his wife production, so afraid of couples move closer and shape, like being bitten, twice shy of ten years, a long period of time to make them down. In any case, the father of the advantage is always greater than the disadvantages, in any case, is very conducive to the feelings of the couple later. My father saw the mother only quasi production of pain and suffering, will the heart love, more to love his wife and children. Of course, for some of the psychological ability of the father or not to go, faint in the delivery room on the ugly big. .相关的主题文章: