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Advertising Within the mobile app domain, you will find a handful of apps that can help you find good beer. The problem is that when you have to search through a gigantic database of beer apps, it impossible to find the best ones. It is a daunting task to search for the right beer apps. Now if you are just a craft-beer aficionado or a college student interested in particular type of beer, weve .piled the best apps which work as great apps for searching beer as well as for other uses. Untappd is one of the best apps for ultimate beer-lovers which also works as a social app. It helps you to check out specific beers from different breweries and even point out the best beer you can get at a particular place especially a pub. The UI is terrific and borrows from different social networking apps and presents a look and feel which is .mon enough for Instagram users. One can rate beers and breweries with ones preferences. DrinkTracker Breathalyzer is one app which simulates breathalyzers particularly well. The app is easy enough for those who have already gulped down few beers. With a .prehensive tracking system, the app should be there on your phone when you are out of town gulping your favourite beer. It is close to perfection as an app can assess through your phone. Beer Match helps you to pick up the best beer which can work with the ordered dinner. This app gives perfect info about beer, food items, and cheese and also suggest the best .bination for dinner. It gives the required info as quickly as you need it, especially when you have a waiter waiting for your order. If youre too conscious about the calories, then gulping down alcohol is always difficult. DrinkFit is a perfect app which displays the info which will get the youve bartenders attention. It gives detailed info about the calories that you will consume with the cocktails, beers, and wines that you have ordered. It will then add up the calorie count and would not .e in way when you are going out! TapHunter is for beer drinkers who have a fine taste of beer and fond of new breweries related to craft beer. You can search different beet types by location, beer, or brewery. It is currently serving only some cities, but it is surely the best one to search for new tap beer. Todays Beer lists down info about beer more beautifully than any other app. It helps you search beer and suggests one beer each day with important facts and a beautiful 360 degree view of the same. It gives a detailed look about the bottle and the color of the beer. Beer Gram is one of the unique beer apps which revolve around a unique idea. The app lets users to get a real beer with participating restaurants and bars and gift it to your friend. Now thats the perfect way to create meaningful connections with the help of apps. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: