Application treasure star app August release 22, 2009, a total of app to explore the future of Fuzho candy boy

The application of treasure "star APP" in August 22 in Fuzhou on the list released to explore the future of science and technology in September 17th – APP Sohu, the Tencent issued a "APP application treasure star list" list in August, WiFi master key, snake big battle, explore, Sina micro-blog 10 APP with success among the top ten for application of outstanding performance in August the famous writer Wu Xiaobo, featuring the month assessment of people. At the same time, the 2016 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference in Fuzhou in September 22nd will be kicked off in the conference application forum site will be brought together a number of big coffee industry, talk about the future of the mobile internet. Figure: Tencent treasure "APP star list" list the list of August assessment Wu Xiaobo said: "we see a very popular APP, partial Entertainment Social multi. Aspects of entertainment, such as hand travel, the Olympic Games is very much when the fire live, QQ music, etc.. Micro-blog is quite noteworthy, because it is predicted to die, after experiencing a downturn, back to our field of vision, it proved to us that the different levels of demand still exist in the China social APP market, and it has the value of existence. In addition, after the merger of drops and Uber, travel software will evolve, it is also very worthy of attention." Throughout the August list, the month of hot events has become the dominant force in the trend of soaring APP. Including the Olympic Games, Baoqiang Wang, old nine door, Zhu Xian and other social hot spots throughout August, followed by micro-blog, with the fire reflected off, explore, Zhu Xian APP, these hot spots become more core push them into the August "APP star list" driving force. Olympic Games is undoubtedly the highest concern in August social events, and reflected in the success of the Olympic marketing. During the Olympic Games, not only reflect the guest live full participation in the Central People’s Broadcasting Station "voice of the economy" and "three rings" two show, also invited a number of united front of Olympic athletes, the Tencent applications treasure open their live debut. Among them, "the girl" Fu Yuanhui live online number break million mark, the number of online broadcast platform to refresh the record peak, and reflecting off the success of taking advantage of the Olympic Games has become the core reason on August list. The Olympic Games not only harvest national concern, "Baoqiang Wang divorce" incident is the suction eye of numerous. Sina micro-blog because Baoqiang Wang divorce event, in August obtained a high degree of concern. It is understood that Baoqiang Wang has become a topic of # divorce # August users are most concerned about the topic, not only occupy micro-blog hot search list first, topic amount of reading more in 12 hours to break 1 billion 630 million, the final # Baoqiang Wang divorce # reading reached 11 billion 150 million, to discuss the amount of up to 3 million 263 thousand. By virtue of the high degree of concern Baoqiang Wang divorce, Sina micro-blog in August, the degree of concern and activity both rose sharply, making it among the top list in August. Explore and Zhu Xian to join the list, but also closely related to the hot events in August. "Old nine door" and "Zhu Xian" is the most popular August summer two hit series, see through to the Republic of China "in the drama" old nine door, through the form of advertising original posts captured a large number of users, "old nine door" Chen PI four, Huo Lu Jianxun Niang, three actors joining interpretation for its plus.相关的主题文章: