Ant gold investment in human resources, Ali finally set foot in the field of human resources – Sohu

The payment service investment "human nest", Ali finally involved in the field of human resources of science and technology – Sohu recently, ant financial services group, Beijing foreign enterprise service group (FESCO), Adecco group (Adecco) three in Shanghai announced a joint venture in the Internet human resources service cloud platform "human nest". It is reported that China is currently only 20 million of the number of professional human resources services, while the actual employment population of more than 7.7 million, there is a larger imagination. Human nest positioning small and micro enterprises. The founder and CEO of Malaysia said that due to China more than 2 thousand additional more than and 600 terms of social security, the city is not uniform, so the human nest is first from the most basic, the most obvious pain point of social security management and service entry, now online service has included: turnover management, social security management, salary management, payroll and customization payment of employee benefits management, national personnel policy consulting, online intelligence service center. In addition, human made nest human resource information sharing platform "knowledge hall", will be more than 30 years of experience in human resources management and policy interpretation in the way of sharing is provided to the user, through self-help retrieval, intelligent customer service solutions, customer service consulting service super artificial way, enterprises and employees can query online HR personnel policy and related guide. According to Malaysia revealed that human nest has started a pilot service of thousands of business users at the beginning of April 2016, covering the city reached 381. In this cooperation, representatives of the parties are more emphasis on Pratt & Whitney manpower, the word. Beijing foreign service group director, deputy general manager Lu Ping said: FESCO always believes that if the external subversion that is destroyed, only from the internal revolution can be reborn. Today, with the rapid development of Internet, human resource service is facing challenges and opportunities. FESCO will assume the responsibility to change the status of the industry, so that the quality of human resources services to benefit more businesses, more employees. With Adecco, ant gold service together to achieve ‘Pratt & Whitney’, so that our confidence doubled." Adecco group chief sales officer, chief information officer Federico Vione said: "Adecco is based on the human resources services for global enterprises, human nest" Internet plus human resources’ mode is also in line with the Adecco in the human resources industry in the long-term layout. Hope that under the joint efforts of the three parties, human resources can be ‘Pratt & Whitney manpower’ concept in the world lit up to the world stage." When it comes to the layout of the investment in Alibaba, ant ecosystem, ant CEO gold suit well Yin Dong for example, "such as Taobao as the representative of the electricity supplier, to the O2O ecosystem reputation represented, to help Small and micro businesses do online and offline market operation, which is equivalent to the small and micro enterprises COO. Ali cloud, nails are focused on providing the basis for small and micro enterprises based on a variety of new technologies and information services, which is equivalent to the role of CTO. Comprehensive financial services ant gold clothing is to do 20 million small and micro enterprises in CFO, and the investment of the human is the nest, equivalent to CHO (Chief HR Office.相关的主题文章: