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Andouble secretly engage in Japan India nuclear deal. What? India’s prime minister Modi will visit Japan 10 days from the date of three days. It is reported that Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo signed the plan on Indian civilian nuclear agreement in modi’s visit to japan. If an agreement is reached, it will be the first time in Japan and did not join the "NPT" of the National Association of tuberculosis agreement. Why Andouble first break the nuclear boundaries? What is the real purpose behind? Modi’s visit to Japan will talk about cooperation from the nuclear agreement is Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and the Prime Minister of India Modi. Data figure Japan softening stance will be signed with the Japanese nuclear agreement with India on civil nuclear agreement negotiations for a long time. India as a nuclear power, but did not join the nuclear non proliferation treaty. For this reason, Japan is reluctant to strengthen cooperation with India in terms of civilian nuclear technology. Japan fears India may use nuclear technology for military purposes. Andouble’s visit to India in December 2015, the two sides signed a civilian nuclear agreement reached a consensus, but because of the legal and technical details of the problem has not been formally signed. If the civil nuclear agreement in the modi’s visit to Japan was signed, it will be the first time in Japan and the "Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty" non contracting parties signed the agreement. Andouble "secret diplomacy" to break the nuclear boundaries of India’s "economic times" said that the governments of the two countries are expected to sign the agreement, but as an atomic bomb had been bombed by the Fukushima nuclear power plant leak caused harm to the country, Japan for the signing of the agreement no small opposition. But Andouble in "negotiations" as a pretext to involve state secrets grounds, not clear disclosure, not face to congressional opposition to question, the plan forced to sign the agreement and approval of congress. Early in Andouble’s December 2015 visit to India, there are many Japanese folk groups and atomic bomb survivors in protest, "we can’t use the handheld nuclear to create peace" "we oppose Japan India nuclear agreement" and other slogans. What are the intentions behind the Japan India nuclear agreement? Japanese Prime Minister Andouble Shinzoabe to take the opportunity to expand the selfish Andouble in India Economic and trade output India civil nuclear cooperation agreement also brought India to expand economic output of the "selfish". This time, Japan will also provide India with a $12 billion economic and technical assistance package, including a low interest loan. In addition to nuclear energy cooperation agreement, Andouble will push the total value of $1 billion 600 million during the visit of modi’s $12 US-2i amphibious rescue aircraft. Agence France-Presse believes that Japan India hopes to sign a civilian nuclear agreement to promote cooperation in nuclear power facilities projects, thereby enhancing economic and security cooperation between the two countries. The secret to engage in nuclear agreement in Diyi Mo avoid the question of push the development of doctrine in recent years, the rapid economic growth in India, the power shortage problem is becoming increasingly serious, nuclear power has become the focus of future development of India electric power. In December last year, Japan and India for the first time to reach an agreement on high-speed rail and civilian nuclear projects, Prime Minister Modi said: This marks the beginning of a new era of cooperation between Japan and India." India has always been opposed to the development of nuclear power, one for environmental reasons, two for ideological reasons. India’s left has been opposed to modi’s development.相关的主题文章: