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An interview with Li Huaiyu?? micro whale three ace focused, open and train science and technology information technology – Sohu China network November 12th news: intelligent hardware and the living room scene, can be said to be the first outlet concern in recent years the Internet industry. The reason is very simple, we have experienced the outbreak of smart phones, we all know that kind of dividend and imagination how terrible. Many people in the industry have to judge, the new outbreak of intelligence is bound to be the theme of television, with VR and a variety of hardware living room scene. The ecological LETV in this field – known, but recently there has been a series of industry capital chain, supply chain, and makes a lot of investors and entrepreneurs began to doubt the real distance intelligent hardware broke out in the end how far? On the other hand, the concept into the second half of 2016 "consumption" and "the second half began to stir the Internet". Intelligent hardware on consumer demand just unfolding iteration of the second half space, and how to adjust the direction, strengthening market position? Perhaps the intelligent hardware industry, there are other ways different from music, and more is brewing new flashpoint. In order to better explain the current situation of the latest intelligent hardware industry, I specially interviewed the micro whale technology CEO Li Huaiyu. Micro whale in the recent rapid rise in the intelligent hardware industry, many new technologies, new products widely acclaimed, and the next double 11 is a new node in the outbreak of intelligent hardware market. Micro whales on their own, to the industry, for the future is how understanding? What are the problems of breaking the consumer to upgrade the weapon? Today this interpretation of the depth of dry cargo very much, you must carefully understand. Focus on the family entertainment scene, but the formation of the necessary tactics tactical rhythm intelligent hardware, is a very difficult to define the concept. Some people say that intelligent hardware is the Internet TV, which is obviously biased. Another argument is that intelligent hardware contains all kinds of hardware elements, as long as the hardware is loaded in the intelligent system can be included. This statement is relatively accurate, but also implies a huge problem: intelligent hardware market boundaries. In the current enterprise into the intelligent hardware market, especially the giant followed, are seeking big perfectionist, even a lot of time to tell the story and fling caution to the winds boundary expansion. There are two problems: one is the category of too much, easy to make mistakes in the capital chain and the supply chain, the two is the category can not be focused, enterprise resources waste is serious, unable to form their own tactics rhythm. Li Huaiyu believes that the rhythm of the micro whale from the focus of attention, which is focused on the smart home entertainment scene. Do intelligent hardware, the product is too narrow absolutely not. If only the TV, the software is not good, no content is not complete, but not too scattered? Will have discussed above regret. The focus of smart home entertainment micro whale, all products, technology, content are released around the scene. In hardware, software, content synchronization attack, the formation of matrix effects. But it will not jump out of this scene, whether it is VR or projection technology, the implementation of the new family entertainment is just needed to upgrade. To do so, is the internal ecological resources, technology, big data.相关的主题文章: