Aeg Airsoft Rifle Airsoft Electric Rifle Kwa Km16 Battle

Sports-and-Recreation This electric airsoft rifle is going to give you many years of reliable performance as well as durability since it is made of a high grade metal alloy and polymers. This AEG airsoft rifle incorporates M130 springs, a 509 mm barrel and a KWA 2GX gearbox. The full stock is fiber reinforced and has a battery .partment able to hold a wide variety of batteries from the latest Lithium Polymer and manganese batteries, and will ac.modate the large 9.6 NiMH battery. The buttstock is fully adjustable, which is great for just about any sized enthusiast. It incorporates a removable carrying handle, adjustable front and rear sights, an adjustable hop up which is optimized for long range shooting, and a semi automatic and fully automatic firing modes. The barrel is threaded counter clockwise for excellent accuracy and performance. You will be able to fire the.2 gram ammunition at a blistering rate of 19 rounds per minute, blowing away any and all enemies. At between 410 and 430 feet per second, you will have a distinct advantage over your .petition. As with the majority of electric airsoft rifles these days, the battery and charger is not included with this gun. This will allow you to customize the gun and its performance. The AEG airsoft rifle weighs in at a hefty 8.4 pounds, due largely because of the robust construction. It has an overall length of just under 40 pounds, and includes a high capacity magazine capable of holding 350 rounds of ammunition. With over 1100 rounds per minute that this rifle is capable of firing, it is re.mended that you invest in another magazine for battles and skirmishes. Running out of ammunition while being attacked is not what you want to have happen to you on the battlefield. The KM16 AEG airsoft rifle is scope-able, but in most instances it will not be needed. The rate of fire is enough that you can lay down a base fire to wipe out most if not all of your opponents. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: