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.puters-and-Technology A smoker who chooses to use an electronic cigarette starter kit instead of continuing the downward spiral of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is on the road towards better health and wellbeing. The electronic cigarette starter kit was invented and introduced by a Chinese pharmacist back in 2003. Since then, the product’s adoption rate has been tremendous, with sizable numbers of electronic cigarette starter kit users found almost anywhere in the world. This is not surprising. .pared with traditional tobacco products, the electronic cigarette starter kit offers the same benefits (and more) without the bad effects of smoking. The bad effects are numerous and can be very serious in terms of intensity. Starting from the minor to extreme effects, smoking can cause stinking clothes, bad breath, and gum disease. Smoking also causes shortness of breath and other respiratory problems. Smoking also causes heart ailments and cancers that eventually shorten the otherwise full lifespan of people. An electronic cigarette starter kit helps smokers get rid of a bad habit by helping smokers develop a new one that is far safer and offers a lot more potential than traditional tobacco smoking. It does this by simulating the taste, feel, and experience of smoking without using or producing the harmful chemicals that cause damage to people’s health and the environment. Traditional tobacco products contain tar, a highly toxic chemical widely known as a carcinogen. On the other hand, the e-liquid (or e-juice) used in an electronic cigarette starter kit only contains water and ingredients that are certified safe by agencies such as the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Additionally, electronic cigarettes do not have stinky and toxic cigarette butts as waste products, allowing for a much cleaner type of hobby or habit. The electronic cigarette starter kit also does not produce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide that is produced by burning organic fuel, as in the case of traditional tobacco products. Instead, the electronic cigarette heats up the e-liquid in order to turn the e-liquid into a clean, aromatic vapor. What’s more surprising is that long term smokers who tried using an electronic cigarette starter kit claim that the e-liquid tastes so much better that they will never again touch or smoke a traditional cigarette. There are, in fact, hundreds of available e-liquid flavors in the market, with some enterprising .panies starting to develop gourmet e-liquid flavors. All these make shifting to a vaping lifestyle a win-win situation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: