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A room to sell to buyers who hit ten years — real estate lawsuit — people.com.cn original title: a room to sell to buyers who hit ten years lawsuit Washington (intern reporter Wang Tianqi) for developers to sell more than one room, Ms. Yin couple fought for ten years and finally obtain housing ownership, but also the real master said to buy a house before her, she will be sued to the court, for the ownership of the house. Yesterday, the city intermediate people’s court hearing the case in the case. In 2006, Ms. Yin couple bought a set in Haidian District Chegongzhuang West Road 38 homes from Beijing Hengyuan Foundation Real Estate Development Co. Ltd., delivered the first payment and check. In applying for a loan from the bank, Ms. Yin learned that this has been built houses and Hengyuan the company signed a contract for the sale of housing, and on behalf of the staff to apply for bank loans due to the repayment of loans, banks have to apply to the court for the seizure of the houses. Ms. Yin and the foundation of its employees to court hengyuan. Ultimately, the court finds that the foundation and employee Hengyuan the purchase contract signed false null. Ms. Yin continued to raise objections, the court lifted the seizure of the housing. Ms. Yin again sued Hengyuan continue to carry out the foundation of housing sales contracts, the housing transfer to their own. In the meantime, to be held criminally liable for the original shareholders of Hengyuan foundation, suspension of civil disputes. Until 2015, the court of final appeal to support the request of Ms. Yin, Ms. Yin also paid a one-time purchase of the remaining. Took ten years, has gone through a lawsuit in the past, Ms. Yin finally see the housing property rights can be achieved when, I did not expect, Ms. Wang was also on the court, requiring the transfer of the revocation of the decision of the court of appeal on behalf of ms.. The trial, Ms. Wang said, she early in December 2005 on the foundation Hengyuan signed the "commercial housing sales contracts", and in January 2006 and June two to Hengyuan foundation pay the purchase, and pay the public housing maintenance fund. In May 2006, Ms. Wang received a notice in the Hengyuan foundation, and go through the formalities with the property company. But when Ms. Wang actually admitted in August 2006 was informed that the housing involved in the sale of more than one room, the tenants are now refused to ms.. Ms. Wang has repeatedly unsuccessful negotiations with Hengyuan foundation, and Ms. Yin and Hengyuan foundation to court. Hengyuan foundation said one had been Hengyuan foundation for the change of shareholders, before things are not clear, but they believe there are problems in the purchase contract and the payment process of Ms. Yin and the old foundation Hengyuan signed by the shareholders of the company are now does not recognize the original shareholders issued the contract and invoice, it agreed to Ms. Wang sued Ms. yin. The case was not in court for sentencing, is still under further investigation. (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: