A play with a face Zheng Shuangcai is the entertainment world will change the hairstyle of the actre aapt.exe

A play with a face? Zheng Shuangcai is the entertainment world will change the hairstyle of the actress! Source: I love summer solstice collocation Zheng Shuang road transillumination recently, online exposure of "summer solstice" Zheng Shuang new road transillumination, short hair, she was Princess Chen Xuedong picked looked quite equally, feel cool and play with a woman who is a face. Even according to Reuters, Zheng Shuang hair looked very seductive. This selection of hairstyle can do the goddess? Zheng Shuangjian’s hair every stunning remember before users drying out in Xiamen with pictures of Zheng Shuang, a woman in the photo cool refreshing short hair, bright smile, I feel very warm, but a little thin, life like very beautiful. The time before the "smile", Zheng Shuang with strong beauty scraper, although thin has become the focus of common Tucao, but her long hair or let Xiaobian entranced. You know this is Zheng Shuang before giving the impression of a large, partial oblique bangs cover the forehead, looks like the soil. Although it looks a little better after cosmetic surgery, but basically is a drama of a face, a thin face back round, people can not identify clearly. "Rainbow man" and the "Five" period is more obvious, we are worried that her face is not disabled…… But from the point of view, her hair is basically long hair. Later, Zheng Shuang began to cut his long hair into the hair, hair and the flax brown or pretty fashionable. "Love" shuttle millennium when Yan values rebounded a little Korean long curly hair look nice, fluffy jumbo is feminine. After long hair temptation, Zheng Shuang began to try short hair, had to say, for the hair color she cut air Bob more fashionable. The way during the air cut bangs is sultry, fluffy bangs with either long or short hair are very nice. The TV series "summer solstice", Zheng Shuang has become a hundred percent short hair girl, pure air bangs head sister max! Look at Zheng Shuang during the period of no cosmetic hair, also is pretty weird, Reiki full. She really is a long hair and short hair are suitable for the sister. Look at her hair, which one do you like best?相关的主题文章: