A mg ZS official figure will be released officially unveiled in Guangzhou tokyo hot n0476

A MG ZS official figure will be released officially unveiled at the Guangzhou Phoenix automotive news day before SAIC Group officially announced its new MG SUV will be named – mg ZS. And announced the first Guantu car, the car will be opened in November 18th this year, the Guangzhou auto show world debut. A ZS uses a new design style, the overall look is very delicate. The dot matrix design uses a new grille with chrome frame, looks particularly prominent. The internal headlight group into the LED light source, and connected with the grille, front bumper with a black plastic and silver scuff plate chassis highlight hard breath. The design of the body, the Mg ZS whole line is very tough, and the use of chrome design in the new side skirts and the edge of the side window. At the same time, we note that the car wheels with five spoke design, looks very moving. Power, a ZS will be equipped with 1.0T (16T) and 1.5L engine, which 1.0T engine maximum power of 125 horsepower, maximum torque of 170 nm; 1.5L engine maximum power of 120 horsepower, a maximum torque of 150 nm. Transmission, the official has not yet announced the new type of transmission, but we are expected to provide manual and automatic transmission optional.相关的主题文章: