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A deep courtyard – Sohu and the first time I heard that valley, don’t know why you think Jin Yong’s "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" in Zoroastrianism, full of mysterious atmosphere of geochilmaru sects, immediately to the mansion has little Ming Valley looks like a bright Valley hall also dressed in the mystery of beauty woman, waiting to find out. Before going to have Internet to do some homework, Fuzhou Ming Valley mansion is located in the city of Fuzhou Springs Park Road, Gulou District, Jinan River and the old haunt, beautiful and magnificent spa spa park museum around the adjacent, beautiful environment and convenient transportation, perfect facilities, with a history of ancient and modern fashion. Set of indoor and outdoor hot springs, SPA, private houses and rooms, leisure and dining in one of the high-end spa Leisure Center, first instinct in Fuzhou the most prosperous downtown, urban 54 north is a spa club have one place. When the car directly into the Hot Springs Park underground garage, Ming mansion usher has been waiting for a long time in the underground garage door, take the elevator to the lobby to get off direct internal registration, as a high-end positioning in the spring Leisure Center to fully respect the privacy of the guests, no occupancy has to feel the meticulous service. Ming Valley chateau, the overall style of decoration in the extensive use of wood, with Chinese classical style into the concise style of Nordic set, simple and fashion as a whole, creating a bright Valley unique new Chinese style mansion. Ming Valley hall room is not much, as it is between ten, each room names are used to various literary trees named, taste is prominent. Unlike other hotels, Ming mansion is full of room, but also not the kind of regular room, a large room which is divided into different functional areas: sleep wash area and leisure area exclusive hot springs bubble pool area SPA, especially in hot springs bubble pool area and SPA area is out of the ordinary experience, and fit the spring theme also highlights the high-end Leisure Center privacy. Many of the details in the room can feel the bright valley the motives, the intelligent control system of the room with comfortable and convenient, hidden in the LCD TV behind the glass, bath products with the French brand L’OCCITANE L’OCCITANE, but many five star hotels have not done. Ready, go directly to the Ming Ming Yuexuan restaurant, the restaurant is not large and consists of a cafeteria and several rooms, to tell the truth, for this kind of Leisure Center catering, generally speaking I am not reported what expectations, perhaps it is no expectations, but the contrary to expectation. Whether it is Hong Kong style tea or Cantonese dish, although not much but are produced in the standard. The core to a spa, sparrow may be small, although little Ming mansion, but the open-air hot spring, spa pool, fish therapy pool, hot stone, exclusive SPA Goods are available in all varieties. in a yard, well-proportioned arranged properly. One is in the land of idyllic beauty, imperceptibly will flick the earthly soul, a tranquil.相关的主题文章: