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"The alliance of international tourism cooperation 9+9" established highlights the new connotation of tourism diplomacy in the new network – for the signing of the agreement on site. Zhang Shijian photo Beijing, Fuzhou, November 13, (Zhang Shijian) 13 days, travel agencies China 9 "maritime Silk Road" along with city in Canada, Greece, Spain and other 9 countries, signed in Fuzhou the "9+9" symbol to "international tourist city cooperation alliance agreement". The 9+9+ alliance is composed of Guangzhou, Nanjing, Ningbo, Yangzhou, Yantai, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Putian, and so on. 9 foreign cities from Canada, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Greece, Thailand, Malta, Jordan, Cyprus and other cities. Stakeholders believe that the signing of the agreement, the "sea silk" international tourism festival as well as Fujian, Fuzhou tourism industry exhibition, foreign exchange platform, has become an important stage of tourism diplomacy, play an important role in pragmatic cooperation between China closely with other countries in the field of tourism. According to the agreement, the Union will set up a "9+9" international tourism city alliance Secretariat, responsible for the preparation, presided over the meeting and other daily work; the construction of "maritime Silk Road" tourist site, facing the world, promote the alliance city tourism resources; the compilation and publication of description of a Union of city tourism resources tourism theme planning and production of books; film, broadcast in the mainstream media alliance members of the city; city tourism resources integration alliance, to build a world-class Maritime Silk Road Tourism fine line; promote exchanges and cooperation between the city and the union of scenic spots, hotels, travel agencies etc.. Fuzhou City Vice Mayor Li Chun said, "the establishment of alliance of international tourism cooperation 9+9, mainly focus on the implementation of the" The Belt and Road "concept, to the point, from the line to the film, build a show each other, complementary, mutually beneficial platform for regional tourism cooperation, promote the international tourism cooperation and development. (end)相关的主题文章: