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80 rich list published Wang Sicong ranked 20 away, you do not see the Sohu technology you know Wang Sicong how much money now? Today issued a "2016 Hurun Report Chinese 80 rich list", to include "rich list" and "start empty-handed 80 80 inherited wealth rich list" of two parts, some data is very interesting. Do you know how much money Wang Sicong has now? From the Hurun rich list of 80, their wealth has reached 6 billion yuan, even before ten are not entered, and the first name is Yan Hao and family wealth reached 100 billion yuan. In this year’s list of the most on the increase in the number of financial investment in the industry, 80 start empty-handed list only Wu Qiang and Yao Hong Jiuding micro credit network, and Xinjiang 36 year old Wang Tao, the wealth of 24 billion yuan; once again, the 33 year old Cheng Weihe Zhang Bangxin drops the next 36 years, the wealth of 13 billion yuan respectively. 68 80 entrepreneurial wealth reached 2 billion yuan and above, the personal wealth of more than 5 billion yuan and successors have found 13, the average wealth of 20 billion 500 million, of which the youngest is 28 years old Wang Sicong and Wu Guangming son Wu Qun diving medical. Wealth can be seen to become rich in the field of the wealth of young rich in traditional industries, such as real estate, health care, finance, etc.. This is the same as the wealth accumulated by their parents, but not very different from the newly rich. Rich project started, we are very familiar with, such as taxi software, such as large drops of Xinjiang UAVs, today’s headlines, jumei.com, Meitu Xiu Xiu, and many game companies. Start empty-handed’s new rich, very concentrated in the Internet field, except Yao Ming, this from another angle, the Internet industry more opportunities, increased access to more. We do not speak, applauded the recent articles featured: business cooperation kejimeixue@163 welcome to leave a message, say your point of view, the wonderful wall相关的主题文章: