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refrigerator on rent in Delhi Relatives Coming Over? Need Some Furniture For Short Term? Read This Article Then. Posted By: aman prakash Your close relatives are coming this weekend. And no matter what, you cannot do much about it. Poor you! Now there is one more problem – you’ve moved in this apartment quite recently and you don’t have much of furniture These relatives of yours might stay for a couple of days (or longer) and would require beds and chairs – may be a lot more stuffs. You can obviously buy new furniture – but the point is what will you do with it once the relatives would leave (hope they leave soon)? Okay, we have a solution. Furniture on rental You read it right – furniture on rental. There’re some good souls out there in the city who’re in the business of lending furniture on rental. Now what happens in this kind of setting is the apartment furniture rental company gives you furniture (that you order for), and charge you rent for the same. Charges depend on the type of furniture that you pick for your new home and the duration for which you keep this furniture. Shouldn’t’ these companies get a pat on their back?

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