The High Price Of Gold Influence Jewelry Design-姉summer

Arts-and-Entertainment Gold prices remained high, and continue to refresh the historical record.The situation not only affects the investment .munity, but also profound impact on jewelry industry which use a lot of gold. Many jewelry designers admitted that the rising gold prices forced them to give up the gold, switch to other low-cost materials when they design jewelry. In the world’s Jewelry industry, gold prices remain high,have forced a growing number of jewelry designers to choose other materials. Bekaa Strauss, a New York jewelry designer. Because of the international recent gold market shaked largely.Bekaa has already begun to find ways to design and produce fashion innovative jewelry, even if costs have increased but customers still can afford. He said: "I now use gold as little as possible, even to use, but also as economically as possible, I will continue to create18K gold jewelry, but In order to let more people can afford, I began to think of other cheap materials." In fact, in response to volatile gold prices, a lot of jewelry designer have begun to use silver and palladium to instead of gold. Although these two metals’ prices have started to rise recently, but .pared to the price of gold,They are much cheaper. According to The New York Jewelry Information Center spokesman Helena saying that the fluctuating price of gold will be maintained for a considerable time. Now, jewelry designers not only to maintain the high-end customers, but also try not to lose low-end market. Helena also said that before the American economic recovery smoothly, this situation will continue. However for all this, a lot of jewelry designers still believe that the gold’s rise will not affect the public’s enthusiasm for gold. After all, the history of the human pursuit of gold is based on millennia. Jennifer Claudia,Vice president of New York Greenwich jewelry,agrees that. she said: "In history,gold was once the most important luxury of life, from the Roman and ancient Egyptian times, people have began to wear gold, I do not think that people will diminish preferences for gold, although the current prices for gold seems to be.e a luxury, but gold will always be people longing and desire to have things. " But no doubt, jewelry manufacturers and jewelry designers have been making their own changes, they gradually shift the focus of development and design to the sterling silver and other cheaper alternative materials. All the original articles are authorized by Vicky Chen from Staryee China Wholesale Jewelry , wel.e To Transshipment But Please Retain The Above. If you are interesting in jewelry models , Swarovski ,or Pandora ,please visit our website. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: