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Health Your smile is what is first noticed when you meet someone does creating the first impression; in order to have a bright, sparkling smile that projects confidence and cleanliness you need to ensure that your teeth are clean and most importantly white. Our teeth suffer discoloration with time dues to a variety of reasons such as genetics, food and beverages that contain staining factors such as caffeine and nicotine as well as a factor that cannot be avoided and that is ageing. Glen Ellyn is a .pany of dentists that offer full services in all dental matters in including teeth whitening. There are two ways to use Glen Ellyn teeth whitening products; one you can use it at home and the other can only be done with qualified dentists’ assistance. The home Glen Ellyn teeth whitening method starts with a consultation by one of their dentists who will determine the amount of time you need to use the whitening formula daily; the dentist then will provide you with a ‘tray’ like mouth piece custom designed to fit your teeth and will determine the amount of time you need to use them, it can be anywhere from 10 to 14 days for as much as 5 hours daily depending on the amount of stains and/or discoloration you are trying to remove. The other Glen Ellyn teeth whitening procedure is performed entirely in by the dentist and he or she will use a similar formula provided to you to use at home but in a much higher concentration, which will work faster to provide you with instant results. In these Glen Ellyn teeth whitening procedures the gums will be covered and the bleach will be activated through a special light for approximately two hours for instant bright smile. Other Glen Ellyn Teeth Whitening Products Over the counter in the drug store you can get Glen Ellyn teeth whitening strips similar to those prescribed by the Glen Ellyn dentists however at a much lower concentration as you will not have a qualified dentist examining you to determine what is safe to use and for what period of time on a daily basis. Helpful Tip Daily oral hygiene will help you greatly to maintain clean white teeth after .pletion of a Glen Ellyn teeth whitening procedure. Brush your teeth twice daily, floss after every meal or at least one a day and try to rinse with a mouth wash after every meal; the way to care for your teeth is the way you will enjoy a bright smile whenever you want. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: