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Web-Design As we all know that HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is used in background to create layout of your website pages. At this moment, forget about the images, background color and slide shows, have a thought about research article that requires introduction, middle body section and conclusion at last. The heading and later on introduction always comes at the top of the page, body in centre and conclusion at bottom. The HTML is used to create website design in Jaipur pages into table format. Firstly, comes up, then and lastly a .These HTML tags open out in the section and backslash tends to close them. For example, all header information would be kept between opening and closing header tags like and respectively. All footer content would be placed in middle of and .You can add variables to each section as you look into it. < header width=600 height-200 >header Image Numbers in the HTML are equivalent to pixels, so the header section above would be 800 pixels in width as well as 250 pixels in height. One can add image in MS paint program, save it and use it in header section like below: .Then one can initiate body section: This is my new website. It is necessary to end header part before starting of body section. If you have not heard about CSS that is, Cascading Style Sheet, then you would need to gain knowledge about HTML as both of them would go hand in hand. The CSS makes the background page green, header part red, color of mentioned link blue, font size as well as colors of each section. For example, CSS would designate all, information to Times New Roman whereas text in currier new. In addition, every time you create a the content would be in centre position in each field. The entire website design part can be controlled from CSS coding which is made on different document. For instance, it would be easy to change the in HTML.Now if I already copy and pasted the header on different 500 pages? It wont make any sense to change small information by going on to each and every page separately. Make following code to do this: CSS Page: header {height: 200 px;} HTML Page : Image Now every single page would be set to height of 250 pixels.However, one thing is clear that if I change something on CSS page then automatically it would be changed to every website page. Make a basic layout of website and then search coding stuff likeHTML code to alter header width. If you forget to put / or a . to close tag, your code would not work. Dont get frustrated if your code is not working. Have patience and try again. There is a reputed website design company in Jaipur known as Efforts Unlimited which develops clients websites by combining HTML and CSS together and at the same time also with programming languages like .net. Visit at: .effortsunlimited../ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: