Richard Cayne Meyer International On How To Survive A Market Slowdown-若槻ゆうか

Investing Though most people would be tempted to liquidate their investments and make their portfolio .e to a standstill during a falling market, Richard Cayne at Meyer International states that such an outlook does more harm than good to anyone who is seeking to create wealth in the long term. Richard Cayne with Meyer International mentions that one of the most effective ways of surviving a falling market is to keep your fears at bay. This means keeping a levelheaded approach and consider the slowdown as a great opportunity to be buying assets on sale, if you believe that they have good long term potential. Richard Cayne of Meyer International mentions that one should think of an economic slowdown as an opportunity to save as much as they can and think of picking up assets on heavily discounted prices, so that they can gain from the dual benefit of saving on costs as well as having a portfolio with a lower cost basis so as to immediately benefit as soon as the market goes up again. Richard Cayne of Meyer International also says that anyone who is looking to invest should understand that market slowdown is a natural phenomenon. Over his 15 years of working in the Japanese market, Richard Cayne of Meyer International says by experience that people who do not allow their emotions to take control during such volatile times, and those that actually use their spare cash reserves in such an economic state have actually ended up gaining more over time than those who would play it safe with waiting to invest only during positive times or up markets. Richard Cayne of Meyer International says that keeping investments steady in good as well as slow times is the only way one can expect to create wealth over the long term. He says that a sound investor is one who understands how to adapt to fluctuating markets and make the most of them, rather than overreacting and making rash decisions by the ups and downs. Meyer International Ltd based in Bangkok Thailand along with Meyer Asset Management Ltd form part of the Meyer Group of .panies which is wholly owned by Asia Wealth Group Holdings Ltd which is a London UK listed Financial Holding .pany. Richard Cayne Managing Director of the Meyer Group has lived in Asia for over 17 years with the majority of his time living in Tokyo Japan consulting high . worth Japanese individuals and corporate clients on offshore financial planning, investment and structuring matters. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: