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Health Aside from duct tape, apple cider vinegar treatment is another inexpensive natural home remedy option for warts removal. This treatment also has lots of positive feedbacks scattered all over the internet. Most people who have tried this treatment have nothing but applause when describing how successful this home remedy has worked for them How it works Apple cider vinegar works in treating warts because of its acidic content. Though the acid does not totally kill the virus, it penetrates into the skin which allows the surface with warts to peel off. This method can be used on all types of warts except genital warts. Things needed for the treatment Apple Cider Vinegar Cotton Band-Aid or Tape Towel Procedure 1. Always start by cleaning the area with warts using soap and water and then dry it with towel 2. Soak the cotton in apple cider vinegar then apply it directly to the warts 3. Cover it with band aid or tape and leave it overnight. 4. In the morning, remove the cotton and wash it with soap and water. Do the Apple cider vinegar as often as possible. If you just plan to stay at home, you may also do this during daytime. At first, warts will swell and may throb, but you dont have to worry because it means that the treatment is working. The throbbing can last for hours or days but others do not feel any pain at all during the treatment. After sometime, warts will eventually turn black then fall off. Usually, this can last for a week or two, Tips Instead of peeling it, it is best to let it fall off on its own because sometimes, only the top part of the warts get removed leaving the root in place. With the root intact, the warts will regrow within a few days or weeks. For areas with clusters of warts, try putting large gauze pads soaked in apple cider vinegar instead of cotton and wrap it using bandage. Still doubtful that something as plain as apple cider vinegar can work for warts removal? Why not give it a try ? It has worked for many people and this might also be your answer to your warts problem. Always keep in mind that expensive treatment is not always the best choice. Sometimes, you have to settle for cheaper ones and be surprised to find it more effective. Read more about it About the Author: Jay Pasana is the Managing Director of Red Mountain Creations which offers Graphics, Web Development, Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization. Visit their website at ..redmountaincreations.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: