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The ongoing disruptions in the Mobile ecosystem appear to be so chaotic that the test requirements keep evolving to match the changes in the market. Unlike earlier, Mobile ecosystem is now driven by markets with developers coming up with applications for the promising devices in the market. Cignitis Mobile testing teams keep track of the market driven strategies which leverage technology for business solutions. The globally accessible Cigniti Mobile device cloud is equipped with devices and test suites that bridge the future scenarios with the existing IT investments. The strategy identifies the business logic that drives the application to reach the end user, which defines the response. Cigniti brings technology to bridge the gap with an innovative approach to Mobile Application testing. To stay one step ahead, Test services in the current environment have to be backed by capabilities to handle requirements which might seem very futuristic. The ability to develop test frameworks and test roadmaps that automate and solve problems of recurrent requirements is also essential. Such impeccable levels of competency cannot be achieved overnight. Career testers guided by a thought leadership towards emerging technologies will be able to fill the void that exists between development and QA. Mobile testing labs which integrate with the commercial and open source test tools will form the first line of software QA, followed by point filling solutions ensured by customized test services which are reusable. An in depth knowledge of the ecosystem is essential to deploy IT investments in Software testing at the right place, backed by the right resources to provide business solutions. Carrier validation, data exchange and compatibility are taking the test requirements beyond the known parameters of Quality assurance. Such an environment compels enterprises to seek Test service providers who design and implement test roadmaps that solve business problems and ensure ROI. In-house test departments require recurrent investments in terms of infrastructure and resources. Moreover, the pace of change in the mobile ecosystem requires dedicated investments for testing. This is where Independent software testing enterprises come into place. An independent test service provider with investments in the next generation test infrastructure and resources will be able to help enterprises meet emerging test requirements. But it is the understanding of the business context that helps translate the test services into business solutions ensuring faster, smoother and innovative mobile applications. Cigniti Technologies is an independent software testing services company that is headquartered in Irving, Texas and has Cigniti has global delivery centers in the US, India, London, and Colombia. Cigniti offers on demand access for key services such as core testing, test automation, performance testing, mobile testing, robotics testing and security testing Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Software 相关的主题文章: