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During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday in Jingmen were tourists five hundred thousand passengers during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday this year the city’s weather, tourists travel index is higher, the city received a total of 531 thousand and 500 tourists, of which 175 thousand and 400 passengers overnight visitors, tour 356 thousand and 100 tourists, tourism comprehensive income 224 million yuan. My city around the Mid Autumn Festival and the upcoming meeting of the twelfth session of the flight, love to fly off the Chinese Chrysanthemum Exhibition, launched a rich and colorful folk festivals and holiday tourism products. Zhongxiang City, Mo Village area during the holidays a lot of traffic coming, people such as weaving. Nearly fifty intangible cultural food stores, ten traditional ecological workshops and local opera performances with strong "Jingchu charm" attract a large number of self driving tourists around the city. The Lantern Festival of lantern culture held by the village world tourism scenic spot in Peng County, which is made up of 30 million sets of LED lamps to create 48 groups of festive lantern patterns, makes people seem to be placed in the ancient lantern festival. Close to the city of sacred flowers during the festival opened its doors, with colorful flower fields, Romantic Flower Valley features, has become a self driving and a great place for flowers. According to the Municipal Foreign Affairs and Tourism Bureau responsible person, the mid autumn holiday tourists to self-help, self driving tour mainly, Wuhan, Jingzhou, Yichang short term market as the main source of tourists. (reporter Gao Xianyong) scan code "big Chu Jingmen", see more wonderful content!

中秋小长假期间 荆门共接待游客五十万人次  今年中秋小长假期间我市天气晴好,游客出行指数较高,全市共接待游客53.15万人次,其中过夜游客17.54万人次,一日游游客35.61万人次,实现旅游综合收入2.24亿元。  我市围绕中秋佳节和即将举行的爱飞客飞行大会、第十二届中国菊花展,推出了丰富多彩的民俗节庆活动和假日旅游产品。钟祥市的莫愁村景区在假日期间车来车往,人流如织。近五十家非物质文化饮食老店,十大传统生态作坊以及带有浓郁“荆楚韵味”的地方戏曲演艺吸引了周边地市大量自驾游游客。彭墩乡村世界旅游景区举办的彩灯文化艺术节,由3000万盏LED灯打造48组花灯造型,让人仿佛置身于古代灯会。紧邻城区的圣境花海节日期间开门迎客,以七彩花田、浪漫花谷为特色,成为了自驾赏花的又一绝佳去处。  据市外事侨务旅游局相关负责人介绍,中秋假期客源以自助、自驾游为主,武汉、荆州、宜昌的短线市场为重点客源。(记者高先勇)扫码“大楚荆门”,查看更多精彩内容!相关的主题文章: