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Love for the child to speak, otherwise the child will really forget Thanksgiving – the mother | the son of Sohu on the eve of Thanksgiving, let the kids go home kindergarten making Thanksgiving a small card, second days to the school. Andy home let me help him with his homework, see Andy in the best of spirits he uncensured asked 1, who he wants to thanksgiving. The Andy said in a circle, first Thanksgiving teacher, because the teacher is hard to teach them, and then to Thanksgiving farmers, Thanksgiving Thanksgiving firefighters uncle, doctors, police…… , is a sentence without a summary of Thanksgiving parents, listen to my heart is pulled cool cool. After Andy answered, I have asked him why not grateful for your mom and dad? Don’t you need to be thankful? After listening to my questioning, Andy realized to grateful parents, and then said to me to make a card to thanksgiving. I continue to carry out education on Andy, Andy told among all grateful people, first Thanksgiving parents! Because the parents gave birth to you, and hard to raise you from a small man…… All the good things to you "Andy Sidongfeidong nodded. I began to reflect on since then, why Andy know so much gratitude, but forget the parents, reminds me of a survey once read, let the children write down the hearts of the most respected people. Japanese children, without exception, are the first father, second is the mother. American children, the first is the father, the second is the planet, and the third is the mother, and we Chinese children do not write a parent name. The father of love in high mountain, mother’s wife Yu Hai, in the course of their children, China parents on the child’s love is often the most selfless, the most profound. But why children can not understand, do not know, I think, is that we usually express love for children too little. China is a subtle and restrained state, a lot of words we do not easily say, foreign parents often say to a child, I love you, kiss the forehead of a child to say good night before going to sleep, while they didn’t do. The child was small, we implicitly, how can they understand our pains, understand our love? Might as well from today on, we love the children out loud! ———————— children always love to hit people because of what? What’s the matter with the child’s temper? Children always love to watch TV play how to guide the phone? Does your child help with the housework at home? Children usually pay attention to extracurricular reading? The child crying in kindergarten how to do? If you have these doubts: please pay attention to WeChat public number: [mother’s reading]. Just to be a kid! There is no school in the world can be more important than the mother’s reading!相关的主题文章: