Trump has become a NBA from player to coach is desperate-rewrite攻略�

Trump has become a NBA? From player to coach are all stand against Trump despair 03 three former president of the United States and sports has the indissoluble bound, especially Clinton and Obama, both of them are very love dealing with NBA stars. But this tradition is about to be broken. Was elected the forty-fifth president of the United States Trump appears in NBA’s circle is not so popular, after the election, many players and coaches have responded from their words in total with a twinge of despair ""… And… "Sour"… Among all the opponents of Trump, the three outstanding players of the golden age of the 03 have remained remarkably consistent. First of all, Wade, he was drying out in the Instagram and his old teammate James in the White House with a photo of the group, and left a message: "the eternal moment of… Thank you very much! President Obama! You’ll always be my president!" When Trump just came to power, Wade took the side of the former president drying out, typical defeating ah, this "curse without dirty", "too slip". Let’s look at the Carmelo Anthony reaction. A reporter asked Anthony today in the presidential election results came out what feelings, Anthony said: "now, whether male or female, we should jointly assume the responsibility should be, everyone do their roles, use our hands to do should do, no matter who is president. We all want to be their leader." "I think it’s more of a responsibility now, especially for those who have children and need to be educated. I had a conversation with the young people, and had a conversation with the children at home this morning, you may feel nervous in their words, they are scared now; they don’t know what to think about. At this moment, there are a lot of people do not know what to do. I think it all depends on whether we decide to take on more responsibility. Everyone needs to lead the way in their own way, we should not just rely on a person or a system,." Anthony, don’t even guess, he is not just like Trump, just as Trump put the founder". James’s attitude towards Trump’s election was very similar to that of Anthony, who wrote a long passage on instagram: "if we stick to our beliefs, then everything will be all right! Parents and leaders, please let your children know that they have the power to make the world a better place! They are our future, we must be stronger. We want Hilary to win, however, we rely on love and faith through this difficult time. A small group of people and women, please believe that this is not the end, this is just an obstacle, we will overcome it, no matter how difficult the road, we can safely cross. I also want to say to the young people that I will continue to be a role model for you, and that my children will be the best citizens of the United states. Finally, P相关的主题文章: