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Independent brand tear to tear, only it tore the object! Sohu – car market is good, everyone laughing, Hello everyone I am; and once the increasingly fierce market competition, the evil of human nature began to emerge. Recently, the car is not peaceful circle, several independent brands to tear off, let the masses eat melon look awfully, but in virtually all damage independent brand reputation, product promotion, brand promotion is still difficult. Competing products are torn apart, not the patent of their own brands. This does not, BMW and Mercedes Benz to "bestie" after the new E market, is also an enemy of friends, for body weight loss events bickered, regardless of just a few days ago "salute to the greatest opponent". Is the so-called tear more healthy, however, how to tear, tear, who is very particular about, tearing is a successful marketing, the object is not right, the wrong way will be very low. For example, a few days ago, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi "win glory in battle", "big E Jingzhou, E Mai Cheng" and "Olympic", "light shall pack as Di" copywriter PK, won bursts of applause, but this time the "weight loss" the event is a bit low. For independent brands is even more so. If the tear tear is the independent brand "friendly", so the brand to the slogan and how to reflect? Say play? Only the goal of more brand oriented joint venture model, in order to truly realize the product from the force to enhance the brand. For example, recently listed Geely bullyear, will target the Tiguan, escape and other hot joint models. The recent interest in the GAC trumpchi GS, more compact SUV extends beyond the Red Sea, directly targeted at the higher level of large and medium-sized SUV market. This market, it can be said that the Red Sea in the blue ocean". Why do you say that? Because, although the domestic SUV models many hundreds, but in large SUV market models have two hands can count, currently selling only Highlander, sharp boundary and found God, the independent brand of BYD S7 also sell well, but still is the flagship of the price advantage in price less than 150 thousand yuan. Among them, the Highlander is the undisputed "king of the market". The upcoming trumpchi GS, not at all polite, directly toward the Highlander "open, regardless of the tear tear" results, trumpchi GS win, this is the art of "tear". Of course, trumpchi GS dared to tear open the Highlander, is derived from the product of their own self-confidence force. As early as April of this year’s Beijing auto show, GS made its debut on the stunning Quartet, the 7 in a large SUV, the internal seating layout of 2+3+2, up to 4.8 meters in length, the wheelbase reached 2800mm, than the Highlander (wheelbase 2790mm) larger, fully able to meet the demand for the 7 child family seat SUV. Domineering and elegant appearance is a big selling point trumpchi GS. In the process of China’s automobile consumption, the appearance of the factors in the purchase has been very large"相关的主题文章: