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The rate hike is expected to become the "baton" of   the international price of gold on the "roller coaster" — Finance — original title: interest rate expectations into "baton" of the international price of gold on the "roller coaster" Xinhua Shanghai September 11th News Title: the rate hike is expected to become the "baton", the international price of gold on the "roller coaster" Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Yunfu recently for a week, due to a series of forward-looking economic data are contradictory, affected by the international price of gold also ride the roller coaster, the market waiting for further clear direction. Data show that close to 9, the New York market gold closed at $1334.5 an ounce, and a week before the closing quotation only slightly up 0.5% weeks around the pre consolidation interval expansion shocks, affected by the domestic market of RMB denominated gold prices also rose slightly, close to 10, the Shanghai Futures Exchange listed gold futures contract closed at 288 yuan per gram. Last week, the gold market volatility significantly increased. The main factors affecting the market is still the Fed’s interest rate hike is expected." Futures analyst pointed out that due to the approaching the Fed’s September monetary policy decision point, although the market is generally expected in September will not raise interest rates, may be revealed but investors are still concerned about monetary policy decisions in the years of interest rate probability. Before the release of monetary policy decisions, the trend of a series of important economic data has become closely followed by investors to help straw". Such as the United States announced in August ISM non manufacturing index hit a low of more than 6 years, due to the index tracking of U.S. non manufacturing sector operating conditions, weak data to strengthen the market in September, the Fed may not raise interest rates expected, was driven by the price of gold rebounded nearly 1.5% in the disc. But the European Central Bank to maintain the current interest rate policy decisions and the subsequent release of some positive economic data also let the bull market "from", the international price of gold continued to decline again, taking early gains. In particular, the job market data is better than expected, coupled with key policy makers have expressed their support to raise interest rates, so that the gold market pressure." Chaos Tiancheng futures analyst Sun Yonggang said. In fact, the changes in positions of professional investors also shows that the overall market is still "tangled", the gold market needs further clear direction. The latest data from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission showed that the derivatives market in gold futures options, hedge funds and other institutions on behalf of professional speculators in the early stage of the continuous reduction again after substantial holdings in September 6th, professional speculators bullish positions hit a nearly two month high. The representative of the market risk aversion degree of gold ETF fund has continued to lighten up, to September 10th, the amount of gold in the world’s largest gold ETF SPDR holdings dropped to less than 940 tons, the lowest in nearly 3 months of record. A recent French bank study shows that as a major channel for investors to participate in the gold market, gold ETF products of the inflow and outflow of funds will have a considerable influence on the price of gold, the positions of each increase or decrease 10%, will make changes in the price of gold is about 3%, to $41 an ounce of left and right level. )相关的主题文章: