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Stay for airlines Suning has opened contract termination to the billions of dollars of storm [] information Suning official announced the termination of renhang international defender joined the Hebei team last night for Jiangsu football, is a restless night. At 8:45 in the evening, Suning football club official micro-blog announced that: "the parties agree, my club and player renhang the termination of the contract, any aircraft to join from now on Hebei Huaxia happiness football club". So far, this period of 3 months or so, the transfer storm finally drew a full stop. The depth of the impact of any transfer is very large, is about to live on the normal training of life, the national team in the World Cup qualifiers can maximize his role. In order to retain any aircraft, Suning has opened two clubs and billions of dollars of contract "official propaganda" renhang drying out the new club players poster renhang suddenly joined Hebei Huaxia happiness, the news is more or less surprising, Su Ning in the "official propaganda" after just 1 minutes, Hebei Huaxia Happiness Club official micro-blog wrote: "the parties through friendly consultations, renhang joined Hebei Huaxia happiness Football Club" from now on, this seemingly consistent "official propaganda", but people feel premeditated". In the Chinese official propaganda "the micro-blog below airlines to join, with a renhang poster, the poster says" sail "two words, seems to imply that any aircraft will open his new career at Hebei Huaxia happiness. In 2011, Ren hang from Changsha Kim transfer to the Jiangsu team, played nearly 6 seasons in the team, from the day when an unknown small players, gradually grow into the national team, can be said that the Jiangsu football good soil, gave him a great room for growth. Especially during the Dragan team, Ren hang together with the team to get the League runner up, Super Cup champion, last year with his teammates to get the FA Cup champion, and the winner of this year’s AFC Champions League qualification. In the national team, Ren Hang is the absolute main force, whether it is in the hands of Perrin or Gao Hongbo, he is an important piece of the coach". In the first two World Cup Asian zone 12 finals games, has been more than two months without any aircraft played by Gao Hongbo in the starting lineup, and played the entire game in the game against South Korea and Iran, although the first game against South Korea made a mistake, but the game against Iran is quite satisfactory, although it can back through the race, but not long-term training with the team, the renhang state is difficult to guarantee, so it may be in the Fa "intervention", the Ren hang "suddenly" to join Hebei Huaxia happy news. Compensation fee will exceed 20 million renhang this season will not be able to play 12 match before the start of China Football Association had held a meeting for the international super investors, the situation of communication, previously in the super team, Jiangsu airlines, Su Ningren Zhao Mingjian and Li Xuepeng have been Luneng Hengda club "decentralization", but considering the 12 the round of approaching, in order to let international recover, after the meeting, Zhao Mingjian returned to the reserve team training, now playing the game, Li Xuepeng also had the opportunity to play, only renhang, still missed the following ball team training. After two games with South Korea and Iran Hao相关的主题文章: