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Table tennis match between the guide — how to execute master Sohu sports amateur golfers repeatedly fight or in the same club for a long time or practice is the same with the environment * * * exercise training, even if the practice match, points race, it seems not much difference between, chances of winning or losing level in Zhong Bozhi. Relative to the competition result, hearts of its own hierarchy, or even a "too familiar", "some grams of" thinking to take it seriously. "High point", where high? What are the variables in the game?. 1, high in the serve good? The usual service must not compete well, high speed rotation game it is possible to take out mistakes or even higher by the other hand too much; placement game is likely to change for each other and choose to fight a long monarch; covert action fake good in the race may be too distracting to observe each other starting quality; two sets of service readiness may cause competition entered a stalemate for. After the service of a reasonable convergence, and even the two oblique street is very important. 2, high in the ground to serve? Have a long serve? A pellet? Is there a way to avoid turning? There are iron hanging open? Have a full table? These may be the breakthrough in the match. After receiving the reasonable support Taiwan, using dial pick, anti belt, anti tear, paste, block, cut down, the collapse of the opponent again. 3, high in the energy can hang explosive? In the game or repeatedly blocked the experience, placement, power, rhythm, angle, rotation, and so on the consideration for the amateur radian, swing speed, footwork is always a stalemate of the pain. Even professional players together in a stalemate you will find, is often a stalemate in dominance from Taiwan near, is often the dominant force soft action coordination, often run with. People always told myself in the game, how to pull a stalemate each ball on stage, before this is not dead (all), don’t give up. 4, high in psychological quality? The game can play the normal technology is excellent quality, can play opponents to give up is a strong psychological. Ma Lin and Li Jingzhi are amateur ball in the hands of the ruffian, dudunangnang, shook his head and sighed, wipe the table and so on. Stay out of personal feeling is good, once a small game by their cheerleaders stir into the fifth inning only come to win, but it seems that more influenced than me. 5, high to not win you? The game is not the opponent, fight, play is good. Must be prepared for this, think of yourself, fight anyone, what to rely on to fight opponents, the most afraid of you what, your tactical thought. If you love this article can go to their circle of friends and friends of the ball more progress together yo ~ ~相关的主题文章: