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Why do midwives have children? Because more than the average person to do three – Sohu maternal and child in the delivery room, whether it is a doctor or nurse, most are women, but also have children. Some mothers asked: "why do you have children are so smooth, our children are always feeling bumps, what reason?" In fact, midwives and other children, pregnant women, but also through the pregnancy in October and entered the delivery room on the hard bed disturbed, however, because of more experience, more than the average person to do three things, things don’t look very ordinary, but the delivery of great help. In the absence of a child, the oxytocin, oxytocin. Most people do not know, not what pregnant women have children difficult, difficult management difficulties in the production process, the production process in the earlier, more than a few hours to human intervention, now, no longer, labor, increase, increase the risk factors represent and unpredictable to us know when the children, when the point of oxytocin in certain points, is to reduce the risk, ensure the smooth birth of the fetus. We had a true story, pregnant women or are not willing to oxytocin, said that production is a natural process, must let the child natural born, we found that fetal amniotic fluid turbidity monitoring, fetal heart slow, pregnant women still insist on not oxytocin, so stubborn, only bad for yourself and the belly of the fetus. Second, in the delivery time, not to test yourself, think you can endure childbirth pain, we will choose painless childbirth. Now, many pregnant women do not want to fight the pain, think there will be some side effects, such as what actually lumbago, and in the western countries, painless labor has been very popular, more than eighty percent of pregnant women will choose painless childbirth, allow yourself to reduce pain and more comfortable to meet delivery. Third, to eat rice. In the first stage, in order to ensure sufficient energy to complete the delivery, we try to eat. The food in the semi liquid or soft food, such as egg cake, bread, porridge, Hanging noodles etc.. Quickly enter the second stage of labor, eat some fruit juice, lotus and other liquid food in the contraction interval, to add strength to help fetal delivery. Delivery of food, should be able to quickly digest, absorb the high sugar or starchy foods, to quickly replenish physical strength. Throughout the delivery process, should not eat too greasy, too much protein, it takes too long to digest food. A lot of pregnant women, into the hospital, there is no mind to eat, and even some water to drink, always worried about the production of things. In fact, the problems encountered during childbirth, pregnant women do not have to think too much, it is a matter of care for health care workers, pregnant women to listen to the arrangements of the medical staff on the line. Some pregnant women was said: "just as I know, should eat, but I was not eat ah." I said: "you have to eat more than you can eat." Before the birth of pregnant women children, not only to eat, but also want to eat eat, because the delivery is very strenuous, we often encounter the situation is, in the production process.相关的主题文章: