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Beijing Tang’s screening needs how much money – Sohu maternal and child pregnancy Down’s screening is a measure to prevent dementia, pregnancy check! Check the Tang screen cost is not a fixed value, according to the needs of individual pregnancies, level of hospital and doctors and other factors to decide, so no one can. Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital, prenatal testing, public charges, in strict accordance with the provisions of the charging standard is selected to develop, you choose prenatal examination. How much does it cost to Tang screening? Specifically, factors affecting Tang screen detection costs are mainly the following points: 1, hospital level: in view of the different levels of maternal choice of hospital, and the hospital environment and service fees are different in different. 2, hospital experts: experts at different levels of operation, the results of the screening test is also different. 3, technical equipment: equipment professional level, the level of technology, the impact of inspection results, will also cause different costs. Taiwan: screening for Down syndrome screening category Taiwan Tang screening is in the traditional Tang screening of maternal serum three indicators on the basis of using serological screening method combined with Down syndrome, take down’s screening method according to different gestational weeks by pregnant women, pre birth, weight, age and gestational age at the time of collection and calculate the "risk factor" rate ". You can check the neural tube defects, trisomy 18 and trisomy 13 high-risk pregnant women, is a simple, economic and technology on fetal damage, avoid misdiagnosis caused by traditional Down’s screening and missed diagnosis. 1, non invasive through the collection of maternal peripheral blood, extract free Tang screen, more at ease. 2, more thoughtful – screening for Down syndrome, including a variety of genetic diseases. Taiwan Tang screen in addition to "rate that I can find out what disease? Click to consult a detailed understanding of the 3, more at ease – to avoid misdiagnosis, errors and other causes of miscarriage in pregnant women, while improving the health of the baby’s birth ratio. I do the Taiwan Tang screen needs to do to prepare? Click online consultation. A team of experts Taiwan Down’s screening advantage, combined with experts on both sides of Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital employed on both sides of Obstetrics and Gynecology experts from Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, Peking University hospital, etc.. Online booking experts, eliminating queuing trouble. Two, the introduction of Taiwan equipment imported technology and sophisticated detection equipment, so that guests more relaxed in the inspection process, the inspection results more clearly. Three, rest assured that the privacy of the luxurious and comfortable environment, one to one inspection, respect for privacy. Taiwan desktop service packages more worry! Click the check package details about taiwan. Four, desktop service convenience: booking service, you can make an appointment in advance, customer service for you to arrange everything. You to the hospital, without waiting in line, more customers Secretary accompanying guidance. Reservation Tel 400-6100-120 five, interrogation time: rigorous treatment process, interrogation time not less than 25 minutes, this is also a lot of patients particularly concerned, Taiwan experts attitude, will to you.相关的主题文章: