Mobileye and Tesla beyond safe limits – part company each going his own way because of the science a 特命战队go busters

Mobileye and Tesla beyond safe limits – part company each going his own way because of the Sohu technology in the Model S owners in May of this year because of the use of Autopilot after a fatal car accident, the security of Autopilot has become the focus of public attention. After the accident, Tesla said in a blog post: in the strong light, the owner and Autopilot did not notice the white truck, so there is no brake." Tesla spokesman said on Wednesday that the company has never described the Autopilot as automatic driving technology or automatic driving. "Since the release of Autopilot, we continue to guide the user to use this feature, remind them of the need to put his hands on the steering wheel, be vigilant in the use of the function, real-time attention to the traffic," the spokesman said, "the driver must always be ready to take over the car." Suppliers and manufacturers rarely and Shashuya’s position to make this unusual public dispute in the automotive industry upgrade. In the automotive industry, suppliers and car manufacturers rarely publicly accused each other. In July this year, Mobileye announced the cessation of cooperation with Tesla, Tesla said in a statement, Mobileye can not keep up with the pace of updating Tesla products. "We part company each going his own way inevitable," Tesla CEO eilon musk · (Elon Musk) said at a news conference at the end of July. Shashuya said, Mobileye has been contradictory views on Tesla Autopilot reservations, especially after hearing Tesla’s response to the crash in Florida. Tesla hand a whoop and a holler Autopilot function, on the one hand and asked the driver to put your hands on the wheel. "In the long run, if the reputation of our company continues to be associated with the act of exceeding safety limits, it will harm the interests of the company, it will also harm the interests of the whole industry," said Shashuya. Mobileye will be listed as the 27 car crash detection system customers, its system in the current market share of about 70%. Tesla said Sunday it will update the Autopilot function, the driver will make it more difficult to ignore the two sides on the steering wheel of the warning, and make other adjustments to avoid the occurrence of similar fatal accident in May. Mask said, as drivers are more familiar with the Autopilot system, they tend to ignore the warning voice to control the steering wheel. However, Mask said that when the car is traveling on the road and in front of the car, the upgraded Autopilot system will allow the driver to hand off the steering wheel for up to 3 minutes. [advertising] entrance: buy U.S. stocks, tigers – ultra low commission, only 1 cents per share相关的主题文章: