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Hainan market deposits of more than 100 kinds of campus loan platform overdue liquidated damages amazing Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! At present, the frequent occurrence of vicious incidents of campus loans, college students have been caught in the campus crisis, what are the incentives behind it? The day before, at the Hainan University School of law, Wu Yi, He Hongmi, Liu Guoliang, Shi Hao month under the guidance of the teachers and 8 students through questionnaire survey and interviews. Access to Literature and other methods, for college students’ campus net loan situation investigation and analysis. This paper sums up the main disputes of the rights and interests of college students in the field of campus net loan, and puts forward the expectation of the government and relevant management departments. The survey found that more than 100 kinds of campus loan platform called "campus loan" is a way for students to apply for credit loans on the Internet through the online loan financial institutions and platforms for college students. Previously, they face Hainan University, Hainan Normal University, Hainan College of Economics and Business, etc., issued and received 987 valid questionnaires. In the survey, found that about 100 kinds of campus loan platform currently on the market, can be divided into three types: one is designed for staging shopping platform for university students, two is a P2P lending platform, the three is the traditional business platform. A lot of platform audit is almost non-existent. In order to attract student loans, these platforms are under the banner of "one minute application, one day" slogan. Random search four campus loan information audit program, said only need to fill out the following information: Student ID, school, grade, school, and parents of both names, contact information and so on. At first glance, as if the audit procedures are very strict, but the actual operation of the people to reflect, even if other students fill out personal information, as long as a real person, will not be found. A simple procedure is found behind a pit survey, many college students apply for the campus loan business in the consultation, often focus on how to handle the relevant formalities as soon as possible to complete the borrowing, lending transactions, in the specific part of repayment default liability and relatively easy negligence, but the campus net loan repayment once the overdue "default", it is often very alarming. For example, the campus loan platform to provide electronic products, although it is installment, but its price is higher than the same products on the market. A student at the Hainan University, usually love photography, but they don’t have enough money to buy, so that the use of campus loan to buy 5000 yuan, the original Canon 600C finally took 6800 yuan, later when she calmed down after it noticed that one of the cost-effective. In fact, from which to earn the difference is also a way to earn the profits of these platforms. A student at Haikou College of Economics, said he had a classmate around the net loan platform to buy a number of computers, mobile phones and other digital products. Now, every month to repay the arrears of more than 1000 yuan, the normal cost of living has also been affected. No, in addition to inform parents, is to rob Peter to pay paul". "Every little advertisement相关的主题文章: