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Xinhua News Agency: Heilongjiang city and Daqing more than 10 billion project from the hard landing at the Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Harbin August 31 coal city and bail out the difficult new engine speed storage — the economic development of Heilongjiang joy and worry about the Xinhua News Agency reporters Qiang Yong, Li Jian, Fan Yingchun in the first half of the three samples from the city, Heilongjiang Province, actively respond to the economic downturn all kinds of pressure and challenges, and the economic situation is steady. In particular, Harbin’s economic growth led the three northeastern provinces. Daqing, Jixi and other resource-based city economy showed signs of recovery, but subject to factors such as commodity prices, restructuring turnaround is still a long way to go. The new engine for Harbin to bring new kinetic energy in the Harbin boiler factory limited liability company’s plant, the roar of the machine, the figure of workers working together, a busy scene. Wang Dexing, chairman of the HA pot introduced in the first half of corporate sales, profits were up about 10%. "Now we are in the hands of the order contract in 2018." In the case of the power plant industry downturn, the performance of the outstanding performance of the pot Wang Dexing said the key lies in technological innovation. Kazakhstan around the country to promote clean energy requirements, in the ultra low emission, two reheat energy saving technology and other fields in the forefront of the world. The new weather Harbin Boiler in Harbin city is the epitome of the equipment manufacturing industry innovation. Li Jinkui, deputy director of the Harbin Municipal Commission of industry and information, said the first half of Harbin industrial added value above 39 billion 470 million yuan, an increase of 7.2%, a record high since the beginning of the year. The robot of emerging industries and new materials as the representative of the rapid rise of the tourism industry to the service industry strong pull, innovation, market forced to upgrade to the transformation of old industrial power…… For the transformation and development of Harbin provides a new kinetic energy. According to statistics, the first half of Harbin’s main indicators better than expected, the economic growth rate of 7.1%, leading the northeast of the deputy provincial cities in the country, higher than the national average of 0.4 percentage points by the end of. Do not getting a single large coal coal Jixi "dawn" in the "Chinese graphite graphite are" Jixi City Industrial Park, a 23 year old worker with a high intellectual property seriously four compressor, every 3 seconds the machine will spit out a graphite catalyst column. "This graphite catalyst column can be used for processing of diamond, the market price of about 80 thousand yuan per ton, the price is when we sell the" nearly 30 times the original name "graphite." Zhao Jianmin, general manager of Jixi new energy materials Co., ltd.. In recent years, the coal industry downturn, coal Jixi slowdown in economic growth, development difficulties. Through the local development of coal deep processing, as well as high-end graphite, green food, medicine and other industries, to get rid of the dependence on coal". From the first half of the data, the economy has revealed a ray of light." Jixi city committee deputy director Cheung Kwok Keung said, the first half of the city’s GDP grew 4%, 2.9 percentage points higher than the same period last year, but it should not be understood as the economic situation fundamentally improved, can only be said to be to pick up signs." It is noteworthy that the local coal dominance pattern is quietly changing. Jixi municipal Party committee secretary Kang Zhiwen introduction, through the transformation and development of the current chicken theory相关的主题文章: