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With Chinese wisdom     to improve global governance (focusing on the G20 summit in Hangzhou) – International – Brussels central Belgium Research Institute senior researcher Duncan Freeman of France? Dhafir Eurasian Cooperation Association President Jiang Bevan at the Brookings Institution John? Thornton Chinese center senior researcher Du Dawei, deputy director of the India China research institute director Zheng Jiabin, Development Research Institute Germany 2016 G20 summit agenda setting think-tank led it? Na UN Metz Department of economic and social affairs development policy research department Si Changhong, Russia’s group of twenty ordinary affairs coordinator Svetlana? Lukashen Poland information and foreign investment assistant secretary of Maliushen? Boorse based Brazil Institute of Asia Pacific Studies of Severino Cabral? Pakistan Chinese Committee executive director Philip Zal? Rachman Argentina Strategic Planning Institute Jorge? Castro, deputy chief economist at the Asian Development Bank Zhuang Juzhong Brussels Institute of central Belgium senior researcher Duncan? Freeman: the current world economy, there is great uncertainty, many people in the West are pessimistic about growth prospects. In this need to enhance the confidence of the critical moment, the G20 summit held in Hangzhou coincided with the time. Compared with the group of seven (G7), G20 is a more broad platform for exchanges and cooperation, more able to provide solutions to global economic growth. The G20 summit in Chinese held, is not only fully recognized the importance of China in global economic governance is increasing, more is to play the leading role of China eagerly anticipated in the world economy to achieve the sustainable development of the journey. After more than 30 years of rapid development, China has not only become the world’s second largest economy, but also accumulated rich experience in economic restructuring and sustainable development. As emerging economies with the fastest developing speed and the largest developing country, China can play their own unique role at the Hangzhou summit, to bridge the cognitive gap between developed countries and developing countries, set up a bridge for communication and cooperation between developed and developing countries, in order to seek more perfect global economic governance scheme with China wisdom. G20 Hangzhou summit will allow the world to see, not only the beautiful West Lake, but also the hope of world economic growth. The French dhafir Eurasian Cooperation Association President Jiang Bevan: in the current world, the price volatility of raw materials, the digital revolution just unfolding decline, traditional industrial productivity tax and fiscal policy to contain the employment background, China maintained a growth rate of around 7%, it is not easy. China does not implement speculative behavior such as low exchange rates, which would harm the purchasing power of consumers and foreign investment. China’s foreign investment will create wealth and employment in the country, bring stability and provide opportunities. The multilateral cooperation model advocated by China has achieved great success in many parts of the world, especially in the east of eurasia. "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative will contribute to the development of trade and investment, help to strengthen cultural exchanges. The new goal of "made in China"相关的主题文章: