Dragon acupuncture Tomb notes reputation to help you easily treat the enemy 驯龙高手dm456

Dragon acupuncture "Tomb notes" reputation to help you easily treat the enemy "hair mound India, gold Fu, move out of the unloading of a ridge". In the book, only the master of "dragon acupuncture" in order to reduce the risk with free access to the tomb master territory. In the tomb of the game, reputation system is an important means to increase the property title, the same level of deterrence game player then, how do we get these illustrious reputation? The official website address: Tomb of Zhang Qishan illustration reputation system to help you lead others reputation game appellation is divided into thirteen levels respectively, Hijio Ko, iron chopsticks, Lama head, Sentosa proficient and unloading ridge lux, move people, fighting experts, ghoul, Qiu Ling, Zhonglang Jiang, Admiral u-located, Jinshengshou, Dragon Master reality. Each level of these names, each attribute will be increased, the percentage of damage to the player will increase. The prestige system interface screenshots Xunlong how to get real success prestige prestige? Xiao Bian to gain popularity way summed up, there are six kinds of methods are divided into nine books, ancient building, Indiana, escort Biaoche, North and south of the war, the battle of the nine gates, battle bronze door. These activities can be obtained to enhance the corresponding reputation. Nine mountain top award we finish above daily tasks, can let you name reputation ahead of others, or whether the enemy will hurt the gold pour Dou, greatly increase your. Then the Dragon Cave, alone on the tomb, the burial objects, like network. Wang Zanghai tomb "paradise" copy of the upcoming uncle, invite you to join the temple treasure". "Tomb notes" official website: "Tomb notes" QQ group: 475306660 "Tomb notes" WeChat two-dimensional code: two-dimensional code statement: Sina sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: