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LOL official blog: resist the actor behavior for nearly a month in addition to account 752 [Abstract]26 evening, the official micro-blog hero alliance released the actors against publicity, a large number of "actors" for a title treatment. Recently, the LOL actor has become a popular keywords, the national service is really a lot of a lot of actors! Many anchors could not bear, anchor furute plume hero alliance dragon ball TV on the 25 day: ask for "hit the director, also a quiet" gaming long micro-blog, call LOL official and anchor and game player boycott actor atmosphere. But on the evening of 26, the official micro-blog hero alliance released the actors against publicity, a large number of "actors" for a title treatment. Micro-blog micro-blog LOL official comment furute Haemi Hiroshi: Hello everyone, I am furute Yu, I am a very love play league a game player, in the S2 when we started the game, also has more than three years, has been ranked in the country before ten, recently playing AI big echo the area, often the name of the name of their own people rather baffling began to scold his teammates (for example, the man began to play, said ADC has been playing very food is food, take the garbage like) began to hang up feed has been the type called ADC, then the game will lose, it occurs more than a three days time, met about 10 times now, then I have to investigate it, just have an insider broke the news gave me a lot of things, we at this time also collected especially their data, actor Group of actors, play how much money a bureau, why to play, has formed an industrial chain, in this development, gaming environment is really worrying, when more people to benefit in which doping when the heat of the game will be more low, even more than the actor me sick to plug the heroes union occupation game player because of age also can not play too long occupation, and who should be replaced then change down the occupation player? Full dress actor, who knows who really have the strength, when a pond is polluted, so there is no way out of the seedling silt but don’t dye. Do you remember the love and love of the game? Do you remember when you made your blood boil? When a game is covered with money will be able to subvert the winning, you also love it? Click to view details > > furute plume in response to the LOL processing results before the official actors under the threat of a leg off the furute plume相关的主题文章: