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The armed police force to stop the paid service 1903: medical cooperation project 375 – Sohu news Ji’nan on November 15th news, reporters from the day held in Ji’nan armed forces full cessation of paid service deployment meeting was informed that the armed forces a full cessation of paid service work achievements, so far, has stopped, the real medical cooperation real estate leasing, conference reception and other 1903 projects. According to Wang Bing, deputy commander of the armed forces, the armed forces since the complete cessation of paid services to start work, at all levels of the full cessation of paid service work as an important political task in a prominent position, vigorously promote the implementation of. Pay attention to the various units according to the law through the whole process of work actively with local departments and collaboration, has solved the occupation force assets, the expiration of the contract is not fulfilled legal issues involving more than 60. As of now, the armed police force a full cessation of paid service work has achieved initial results, according to a total of 1903 projects to stop paid services, including medical cooperation project 375, the real estate leasing project 1434, project bidding and reception 24. Stop the project involved in the military, non active civilian personnel have all been in accordance with the order to build, the social workers involved in accordance with the law in accordance with regulations to terminate the contract. Meeting the requirements of the armed police forces will continue to actively and steadily push forward the full stop of paid service, where the contract has expired, must immediately terminate the contract, to stop the project, no renewal or new contract. If the contract agreement is not required to terminate the contract in advance, it shall strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the state and shall be settled through consultation or judicial procedures. For the real estate rent has been recovered, all troops should make full use of, reasonable adjustment, strengthen management, to ensure no longer carry out commercial activities in any form, but also to prevent the military assets idle waste, to ensure maximum military benefits.相关的主题文章: