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Beijing – VIDEO – Jiangsu civil defense education experience museum the public can "call" lightning storm [comment] recently, the Jiangsu civil defense education Museum officially running, free and open to the public. In addition to the traditional exhibition and experience of the project, the public can also experience a lightning storm, take the ark of dynamic platform, 360 degree panoramic experience tornado, tsunami, volcano, landslides and other natural disasters, civil defense and disaster prevention and scientific means to understand. The same period [] (Nanjing citizen Lan Wanping) I saw the tornado and volcano today, see very moved, this is the case, as we watch TV at home like a part is terrible, we really want to think of how to prevent it, after seeing this, we do a lot of knowledge. Volcano, the avalanche, we are on the top of the kind, feel the same, experience. [the same period] (Nanjing citizens Yu Min) after the experience of the museum to see it, I will feel it inside with a lot of high-tech, is some experience. Think of a child, said our parents with children to come to visit it then, there will be a lot of different experience, although Jiangsu is not a seismic zone, but if there is such a museum for children, is can let the children feel after the earthquake, what would happen to. Is to let the children some emergency measures. [comment] it is understood that the Jiangsu Province as the first provincial civil defense education museum experience, through entertaining way, can let the public personally on the scene interactive experience, operation simulation, dissemination of knowledge vivid multi subject, understand the war, people know and understand anti disaster prevention science and technology, mastery of coping with the war air strikes, natural disasters and emergency protection skills, effectively enhance the comprehensive protection ability of the masses. The same period [] (Nanjing citizen Qin Xiaobin) is different from the general exhibition venues, it inside it, both picture and text, also has a physical, more interactive experience, like 7D inside, including earthquake experience, it should be said that the visitors can experience to understand and learn some knowledge of civil defense. I think this model should be very good. Zhang Chuanming Jiangsu Nanjing相关的主题文章: