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For me it’s curling up on the couch with a really good thriller like a Stephen King novel or one of the more heart breaking romances by Danielle Steel. In this busy world we live in, it can be hard to find that kind of time. … Tags: What’s Thanksgiving Without Pumpkin Pie? By: Danielle Stewart | Dec 5th 2006 – Pumpkin pie is standard fare at most Thanksgiving feasts. Many of us look forward to eating it for dessert once a year. However, if you are tired of that thick, sweet piece of pie at the end of this already-filling meal, consider these interesting alternatives. Pumpkin is a very nutritious fruit — not a vege … Tags: Gratitude Is The Attitude For Thanksgiving By: Danielle Stewart | Dec 5th 2006 – Thanksgiving is a time to make elaborate meals and spend time with family and friends. During this hectic day of cooking, eating and visiting, we often forget that this is a day to give thanks — a time where we can show our appreciation for all of the good in our lives. 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White | Mar 15th 2006 – This educational piece identifies current trends in sun protection, establishes the need for heightened sun precautions and other proven, effective skin cancer prevention measures. It also defines key terms pertaining to ultraviolet radiation and its direct link to an increased risk for skin cancer in a way that is both eng … Tags: Cleopatra"��s Beauty Secrets By: Daniellle Sims | Mar 1st 2006 – The Legendary Queen of Egypt was known for her exquisite complexion. One of her secret beauty treatments, the milk and honey bath are still being used today. One of the main ingredients, Milk, contains lactic acid, which helps to exfoliate your skin. The lactic acid in milk is an alpha hydroxy acid, which hel … Tags: Dangers Of The Underwater World By: Danielle Rose | Feb 27th 2006 – Marine life is extremely different from that of terrestrial life. The underwater experience is like no other. Coral reefs have diversity that is only comparable to the diversity found in the rainforest. Coral reefs house animals of every shape, size, and color. The Coral reef has been around for an enormous … Tags: Protecting Sea Turtles By: Danielle Rose | Feb 21st 2006 – Sea turtles are being protected around the world. National parks are set up along with farms and other organizations that are attempting to protect them. Sea turtles are a difficult animal to protect though because of their migratory habits. They aren"��t the kind to stay in one place, and they only come ashore to nest. Mos … Tags: How To Stay Involved In Figure Skating By: Danielle Rose | Feb 4th 2006 – A lot of time and money gets devoted to figure skating when a person has a passion for it. A lot of people start out at a very young age learning how to skate, and when they grow up want to stay involved. Not everyone has the ability to turn into a professional figure skater though. There is more to ice skating than becomin … Tags: Brighten Up Dull & Tired Skin By: Daniellle Sims | Jan 4th 2006 – As we grow older and are constantly exposed to the UV rays of the sun our skin starts to appear dry and dull. This is the result of the outside layer of the skin getting excessive build up and is not exfoliated on a regular basis. Build-up is especially noticed after we have spent the summer in the sun. It"��s more apparent … Tags: 相关的主题文章: