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Travel-and-Leisure It is an interesting fact that India is the best suited travelling destination in every season. There are places where one can ditch any season by visiting there and it is one of the rarest qualities India has. There are few countries on the face of globe that exhibits such traits and India is one of them. Like diverse culture and historic richness we also have varied climate and to escapes that we have contrasting landscapes. Thus winter along with summer is one of the seasons when most of the people want to go on vacation. There are many destinations in the country to enjoy winter or escape winter but then again it .pletely depends upon the fact that how anyone wants to spend its winter vacations. There are people who like to enjoy and feel the intensity of chilly climate and snow fall but there are again some who are intimidated by the very idea. This is where being diverse in all walks of life plays an important role and cold and temperate zones in India came along. But as for now good numbers of people want to enjoy winter to its fullest. To enjoy more this year here are five most favorable winter destinations in India where one have a close encounter with nature and can have adventure at the same time. Jammu & Kashmir : No word in this world can describe the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir, but it had been said that if heavens exists than it is here in Kashmir. The mesmerizing beauty, the flower bed valley, snow caped Himalayan range which is standing tall and shines magnificently when sun rays falls over it. Everything is so alluring and appealing in this part of India, one can forget about all the concrete and plastic lifestyle back home. It seems like Mother Nature has poured all her blessing to this part of valley only. The beautifully decorated house boats, gardens covered with flowerbeds, snow covered hills and beautiful people collectively call for full fledged visit and it proves to be the king of all winter destination. Shimla-Manali : Himachal Pradesh as a whole is a great travelling destinations throughout the year, but Shimla and Manali both are famous for adventurous vacations. The snow covered and frozen hills and moderate temperature is alluring since British reign and it is also summer capital of Himachal Pradesh. The destination offers adventurous activity along with many other interesting places to visit. Moreover Kalka Shimla Railway is also a curious way to watch and travel through the highlands and peaks along with villages came across the path. Auli : Auli is a new skiing destination in India and it is very famous among exploratory travelers. Frozen mountain peaks of Himalaya , Snowy and sloppy landscapes, long trails of pine trees and forests which run along with that, is a place where every skier can find place and peace. Auli is situated in between many famous hills which make it even more beautiful to watch. There is one more thing about Auli is that it is known for highest man-made lake in the world and also home to many pious places like Vishnu Prayag, Joshimath and many more. Rishikesh : Another beautiful destination to enjoy and explore nature and its element. Rishikesh an eminent city of Uttrakhand, is famous as yoga destination and along with those landscapes which is so great that it supports almost every furious activity like trekking, bungee jumping, mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting etc. Darjeeling : The very famous tea farm in the state of West Bengal, previously summer resort of British while residing in India. It is a great place to enjoy nature and its elements growing and flourishing to its fullest. Darjeeling has every .ponent in its bucket to grab attention of tourists of nature loving quality. Enjoying and watching winter season in India is a whole new experience and it can add many new and fascinating fragments to ones memory. And travelling to destinations like this can .pletely change the perceptive towards life and nature. But it is also very important to travel with safety and coziness and there are car rental .panies who are operational in these areas where lanes and routes are little bit different from normal one. They with their expertise try to make our journey .fortable and hassle free. Moreover their importance also increases where there is no other mode of transportation is possible then booking a car or hiring a taxi would be the next possible option to travel in these hilly areas. In addition to this, car rental .panies are creating their services like weekend packages, sightseeing packages, outstation cab services and many more by keeping the requirement of the tourist while travelling. So get going to all the beautiful places and enjoy this winter a lot. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: