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3 live video super Penguin masters packet McGrady PK Wu Yifan? Star war! "Super Basketball masters" concept Penguin titles Tencent September 2nd sports news Beijing standard time on September 3rd supertux basketball masters talent team, the Tencent in September 3rd 18 sports will broadcast live video, Ke van Zhang Weiping and Xu Jicheng, and will explain the small overflow kogusu comment, Tracy McGrady, Sun Yang and Wu Yifan led the team. Note: [entering between live video on the 3 day after the end of the broadcast for Chinese Curitiba, ends masters draw] what is the super Penguin basketball masters super Penguin basketball masters? In short, is a collection of top basketball stars and entertainment big coffee "sports entertainment vs" super war, the first race will be started in Shanghai in September 10th. In the Chinese sports history, this is a game has never been "skill + Yan value ranked first, is a most heavy, the best and the most fun, most professional original super basketball masters! The heaviest pound! Maddie, "white chocolate" Williams and Ci Shiping, Billups, Marbury, Sun Yang, Wu Yifan, Jam Hsiao, Jiang Jinfu led the 20 sports entertainment big coffee play, legend and stars together for your dedication to a "sports entertainment vs" super fight! When the occupation basketball violence aesthetics and the national small meat aesthetics mix together, the taste will let you screaming cool acid. Best see! This is not just a basketball game, it is a set of concerts, fancy basketball, cheerleading performance in one of the super basketball carnival! Before and after the game and the rest gap, will have a fancy basketball and professional cheerleaders, you can experience the scene superstars show. Most fun! The game is to create a hotter than the NBA arena Madden basketball sports Tencent temple, full use of VR and AR in the forefront of the technology of real-time broadcast of the game, you can enjoy your watch posture, enter the different star box, more stars can be online at any time to interact with your love! Most professional! Professional Tencent is always the spirit of sports, whether the game rules, law enforcement, or data interpretation, all fully to the specifications of NBA line! Here there is an international referee’s penalty, NBA level of precision data records, as well as beyond the final level of the interpretation of the mission! How to buy a ticket? WeChat grab tickets easy WeChat scan code, easy to grab votes on September 10th (Saturday) 19, Shanghai Baoshan stadium, supertux Basketball Hall tournament will be staged, the ticket system has been officially launched, landing weisai sports (ticket). Ticket price 380 yuan, there are 380, 580, 880, 1280 and a variety of fares to choose $1680. The use of WeChat tickets, the purchase of 6 tickets per order. > > > > > > click here to grab votes < < < < < < "star war" led by the celebrity game giant stars, former NBA star Maddie, "white chocolate" Williams, Billups, cishiping and Marbury played together. In addition to NB!相关的主题文章: